Sail Boat Demo


This is the Imagination Technologies’ POWERVR Sail Boat demo built with our Mandreel technology for Flash and WebGL.

The original demo works on Opengl ES 2.0 compatible platforms with C++ support. Thanks to our mandreel technology it can run on browsers.

The sourcecode is written in C++ and OpenGL ES 2.0 (GLSL shaders).


Demo features

Utilises a combination of different techniques to produce a water effect:

  • Reflection, refraction and depth effect using render to texture
  • Uses vertex buffer and index buffer.

Interactive controls

  • Left/Right Arrows: Set Next/Previous editable parameter
  • Up/Down Arrows: Increment/Decrement editable parameter value

Key features


Built with Mandreel Framework for AS3

  • Mandreel C++ to AS3 compiler
  • Mandreel OpenGLES 2.0 to Molehill wrapper
  • Mandreel GLSL to AGAL compiler


Built with Mandreel Framework for JS

  • Mandreel C++ to JavaScript compiler
  • Mandreel OpenGLES 2.0 to WebGL wrapper

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