How to Launch the Best Influencer Marketing Campaign 

There has never been a greater quote that indicates people do not buy goods and services, but relationships, stories, and magic. In this sense, marketing was focused on that concept of magic, but with the advent of new technologies, it seems that magic has been frivolously reduced.  

But today there are closer ways to creating a context and experience for the consumer, thanks to influencer marketing through a good campaign. 

Types of influencer campaigns

There are many ways to involve influencers in your marketing campaigns, most involve using your products or services to get people excited. This can be done through discount codes and affiliate marketing, with which influencers have a promotion segment of discount codes for a brand in their social spaces. 

As a reward, influencers get certain discount percentages or products at no cost. This is also possible with contests and product giveaways, promoted by unboxing made by the influencers themselves. In this way, they present the brand more naturally and reliably for the user, so they are convinced to acquire it. 

How to launch an influencer marketing campaign

This is a very profitable and efficient way to do marketing, but how do you make a good influencer marketing campaign? Here are the most basic steps.

1. Finding influencers

The first step is the most obvious; you should start with the research on the platforms about the possible influential candidates that can favor your brand. You must research their likes, number of followers, previous collaborations, everything you need to establish a good budget. 

2. Create a budget and organizational strategies

Now you need to make the budget, and in this case, you must be aware of monitoring and following the activity of the chosen influencer. Based on their performance on social media, you can establish what their strengths are and how much their promotional time on the web is worth. In this sense, the so-called ambassadors are the most expensive, while the collaborators are the cheapest.

3. Set goals

By using influencer marketing, you are indicating that you want to increase your sales, your visibility, but also cause a connection with your brand. But it is time to set less universal goals, like increasing your client base, changing your demographic, expanding to other populations, among others.

4. Reach out to influencers

We go back to step one, and now you must contact the stars of the show. You should consider they must be legitimate, preferably having worked with influencer marketing before, among other characteristics.

5. Analyze, review and redefine

Never forget to measure your performance based on your statistics before and after the application of the campaign. So, you will have a preamble of what you should change, what you should do and what not; and of course, if the influencer was effective in giving your brand visibility. 

This is how you can run a successful influencer marketing campaign, with a small series of steps and a lot of social media analysis.