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Planning an event is one of the greatest way to celebrate something and making it more memorable for the future by hiring an event planner or organiser. If you are an individual person, holding a private event such as birthday party or wedding can make the occasion become more meaningful as you can share it with the loved ones. If you have a company/business, hosting an event can be an excellent way to grow and improve the business and organisation internally among the employees within the company and externally towards the loyal customers and potential investors.

Organising an important and successful event however, can be quite stressful and difficult most of the times especially when you have a very tight deadline. Arranging things like making invitations, planning the time schedule, budgeting, contacting vendors and suppliers, and many other things can be time-consuming and complicated to do, hence hiring someone who can execute all those things perfectly for you can be the best choice for you and your company.

In Mandreel, one of the services we offer is event management in Malaysia. Here we can assist you to plan and execute your special day thoroughly and comprehensively from A to Z, starting from preparing to executing and evaluating. Whether you are individual, corporate, or government officials, our professional team will always ready to help arrange every kind of events you want to hold for all of your needs.

Why You Should Hire an Event Management Company in Malaysia?

There are several factors you need to consider when you want to create the best event for you or your company, including deciding whether hiring an event planner can worth the time and money spent. Here is some of the reasons why hiring an Event Organiser in Malaysia such as Mandreel can be beneficial for you and the success of the event:

  1. You can save money

Most people think that hiring an event management company in Malaysia can be more expensive than planning all of the things by themselves, when in reality it is not all true in this case. Event planner in Malaysia can actually help you to reduce the cost of your event by negotiating better charges for venues and public address systems. Most of the times,  event planner in Malaysia also team up with the suppliers, hence clients can get better price and discount that they normally won’t get if they order without the help of event agency in Malaysia. With expertise and knowledge of the events, an event organizer also can give you a thorough advice on where you can cut some cost in your budget if it is needed.

  1. Stay on the budget

Event agency in Malaysia knows the price that vendors and suppliers offers, therefore we can help you to arrange things so that it will be on the budget. When it exceeded the planned budget, we can also assist you by giving some alternatives so you can still enjoy your event without exempting many things you want to have.

  1. You won’t miss a deadline

Having a tight deadline is not unusual when planning an event, as a result you must plan things timely and accordingly. This is a very challenging task especially if you are in full-time employment and have tons of other activities to do. Furthermore, occasionally personal commitments may arise and can distract you from arranging a successful event. This however, can change when you hire an event organizer in Malaysia. An EO will make sure to plan event on time and meet all the schedule and budget so your event can run smoothly even with close deadline.

  1. Get the best equipment

Having a hard time choosing a suitable sound system so your presentation can be heard to the person in the back? Or the type of screen and other essential equipment you need to be in your event so all people can enjoy it accordingly? An EO can help you to get the best equipment choices for your event so you and your guest can be happily entertained during the special occasion.

  1. Offer marketing services

Event management in Malaysia like Mandreel can also help you to promote and raise awareness of your event since we also offers marketing services in our agency. You can rest assured that your event can reach many people including your targeted audiences.

  1. More choices of suppliers or vendors

Imagine having to choose and contact many vendors and suppliers while arranging other schedule for your event. Surely it will be time consuming and sometimes can be confusing. Event Management Company in Malaysia can help you to choose the best vendors and suppliers which match wonderfully with your special event, be it corporate event or personal one such as wedding or birthday.

  1. You can host the event with more ease

With professional organizer on your side, you can host your event or party with grace. All things related to the preparation until the implementation at the day of the event will be taken care of by us while you can enjoy hosting your event.

  1. Saves your time

You can relax more while EO can do all the details of the event and troubleshoot problem quickly when it does happened. You are more free to do everything else and spending times with your loved ones, friends, and guests. Being less stressful surely will help you to enjoy the time in your precious occasion.

Types of events we can organise for you

You can always hold an event for every special occasion. For corporates, hosting an event can be a powerful marketing tools as well as a way to improve the company inside and outside. Regarding of holding a conference or a sports tournament, companies can use such events to bring people together in a great way, developing interpersonal relationships that can be hard to achieve in the structured environment of the office.

Here are some of the corporate events we can help to manage professionally for you and your company:

  • Seminars and Conferences. Company can use these meetings with targeted audiences to provide them with relevant information. Seminars are usually shorter than conferences which typically have multiple sessions. Seminars can last couple hours to a few workdays, with single or multiple speakers. Conferences usually held at hotels, beginning with a keynote session then breakout session according to topic.
  • Trade Shows. Companies attend trade shows as a lead generation activity. Event management for trade shows including negotiating sponsorship rates for booth space, advertising, promotion, and speaking opportunities. These trade shows are conducted in large spaces in which showcase the products and services of the vendors.
  • Appreciation Events. These events can range from creating an event for employee appreciation to those for showing client appreciation. This way, the employee and the client can take more pride in choosing the company and feel more appreciated with their loyalty.
  • Company or Organization Milestones. In this type of event, company celebrate a grand opening or other major milestone or anniversary. Depending on the company’s size and public presence, this event can be celebrated with company employees or expanded to include clients, vendors, or local community.
  • Product Launch Events. When your company want to launch a new product, you can hold a party that will create a buzz regarding the product’s release among the customers and media. In large product launches, usually a well-known guests will be invited with serving dinner and entertainment to make the event grander.
  • Board Meetings and Shareholder Meetings. Board meetings serve for reviewing business performance and meet with company executives to make important decisions. Shareholder meetings are held for company to share their recent performance, targets, future objectives, and business strategies with the shareholders.
  • Gala Dinners. A company can host a fancy gala dinners for the VIP clients so they can feel more exclusive and improve the relationship with the company. These gala dinners can also be attended by shareholders or company executives to make them feel more acknowledged and appreciated for their leadership.
  • Workshops and Classes. Businesses can also create a workshop and masterclass for their potential or loyal customer so they can understand perfectly how they will use the product. This can be a great marketing tool since people tend to buy more when they know how to utilize the services/product provided by your company.

Our Services

In helping you to create a successful event or project, first we will arrange a meeting with you to analyze what is the goal of the event you want to make and the objectives. From there, we will assist you to decide which services you require from us.

When choosing our services, you can opt to use the whole service as a package where we manage all of the details and element of your event, or you can select one or several services you specifically need to accompany your own in-house event management resources.

Below are some of the services (but not limited to) we can offer to help you professionally in achieving your goal to make a prosperous event:

  • Project coordinator and administration. We will allocate an event manager that will manage all the aspects of the event, including administration and paperwork.
  • Site selection and negotiation. Based on what your company needs, we will recommend the best site for your event including the hotel for you or your guest to stay at night. Regarding the price, we can help to negotiate and get the best deal for you.
  • Vendor selection and negotiation. There are many vendor selection you can choose, including general service contractors, decorators, caterers, convention centers, hotels, transportation companies, and event technology companies.
  • Budget planning and management. We understand that every cent matters. Therefore, we can help you to build a budget plan that works for your company. We also have tools to track the vendor costs, so you will be at ease.
  • Event branding, marketing, & communication. With team of expertise in marketing and branding, we can help you to spread a word about your event and create awareness. Depending on your event objectives we can assist you in determine what marketing tools that suited best for your event.
  • Timeline and schedule management. Time is worth more than money. We know very well that meeting the deadline is a must and we can guide you to create a timeline so your project can stau on track till the very end.
  • Guest registration
  • Speaker coordination
  • Networking reception & social event management
  • Facility & hotel management. Sometimes attendees require accommodation near the event area, and we can help you to get the booking ready for the guest as well as negotiate the best package for your company.
  • Food & beverage management
  • Event materials / merchandise management
  • Logistics management. We can help you to coordinate logistics to ensure the shipping and movement of items can run accordingly on-site.
  • On-site management
  • Post event evaluation

Why Us?

There are lot of Event Company in KL Malaysia for you to choose, but we believe that choosing us to manage your precious event can be the greatest choice you can make.

Consist of team of innovative professionals in many expertise, we are always passionate to bring the best to our clients and make them satisfied of what we do. Aiming to be the top event company in Malaysia, we always put our customer first and committed to serve a great experience for our clients as well as the guests at the events we created.

Not only giving services in event management, as Event Company in KL Mandreel also can offer you services in graphic design and marketing. For that reason, you can be more at ease when you need someone to design your company presentation of merchandise you want to give to your guest or audience in your event. You can also use our marketing tools and services to help your brand and your event to get more awareness and recognition between the public, specially your targeted market.

By using our holistic approach, we believe that we can be one of the top event company in Malaysia and help you to improve your business not only at your special event but also long term as a company or a person.

Contact Us

Our dedicated staff in Mandreel will always ready to help you to give more information and details you need. Feel free to ask us any questions about Mandreel as Event Company in KL or everything else and we are always happy to answer all of your curiosities.

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