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In Malaysia today, influencer marketing is considered as one of the best strategies for new customer acquisition, brand growth and online visibility.

Many of the most successful businesses and companies have long relied on the reach and fame of prominent people to represent their products/services or to strengthen their brand image.

With modern marketing shifting more and more towards digital platforms, personalities on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok and Twitter are quickly replacing traditional celebrities in advertising. Social media influencers have stepped onto the stage and have drawn the trust of millions of shoppers and consumers across Malaysia. They enjoy a high level of recognition as experts or role models in their community and their followers trust and welcome their opinions and recommendations.

As a leading influencer marketing agency in Malaysia, [COMPANY_NAME] recognizes the importance of businesses taking advantage of this concept to promote their products and services in order to realize their full potential. We are experienced at connecting brands with the top influencers in their industry or niche to ensure maximum growth and revenue. We can help you choose from thousands of Malaysian and international influencers that are the perfect fit for your brand to better reach your target audience.
From influencer sourcing, designing marketing campaigns on social media to implementing customized marketing strategies and analytics reporting, we make sure that our clients achieve their business goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Our experts will personalize your influencer marketing campaign to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether that includes identifying and contacting influencers, designing marketing campaigns on social media or organizing a large-scale brand ambassador we guarantee results that provide the strongest return on your investment!

What is an influencer?

As the word suggests, influencers are people who can have great influence on others. For marketing purposes this influence is positive. An exciting aspect of this marketing trend is that influencers do not have to be experts in a particular industry or niche, nor do they need to be traditional celebrities such actors, athletes or musical artists. For the most part, they normal, relatable people like you and me and that is what makes them so influential.

Anyone who posts creative, innovative content online can gain a large following locally and internationally within a relatively short time thanks to the popularity of social media. In Malaysia for example, Asyraf Rozami is one of the most influential influencers. He is a content creator on various social media platforms. His YouTube page has over 28 million views and his Instagram over 750,000 followers, almost exclusively Malaysians, all actively watching, liking, commenting and sharing his content.

The importance of finding the right influencer

Not every popular influencer is a fit for your business. In addition to the reach, activity and community, effective influencer marketing places great emphasis on common interests and a style similar to your business. This is because authenticity is key.
In order to be able to benefit optimally from this advertising strategy, your business and your influencer on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram must be compatible. Communities, no matter in which social network, attach great importance to authenticity and react anything but positively if the content does not match the style of your social media role model. Companies that are ignorant of this fact often use the wrong influencer in their marketing campaigns and do serious harm to their brands.

One of the biggest challenges of a successful influencer marketing campaign is to find the right influencer(s). In Malaysia alone, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of potential influencers and brand ambassadors in every industry or niche. At [COMPANY_NAME] we recognize this and take into account several important factors when choosing influencers for our clients.
For us, making the right decision cannot be achieved without an in-depth analysis of each candidate. Without this crucial step, the creative field of influencers cannot be successfully exploited. When planning our marketing campaigns, we are careful to consider the characteristics and special talents of each influencer, the nature of the respective platform and the appropriate content formats, and then optimally combine them in line with your business goals. This results in a multi-stage process that ensures the selection of the right influencers for our clients’ individual campaigns.

The benefits of influencer marketing for your business

Reach highly targeted customers: Influencer marketing offers many advantages over other marketing measures. Chief among these is access to a bigger Malaysian customer base that is highly targeted. Among the younger generations in particular, fewer and fewer people are watching TV, reading magazines or looking at posters. However, social media such as Instagram and YouTube are now part of everyday life and are consumed every day. Getting the attention of potential customers through these platforms is therefore much easier than on other types of media.

Organic promotion: Trust plays an important role in promoting your brand. If a popular personality recommends a certain product on social media, it can have the same psychological effect as if it had been recommended by a close friend. Followers perceive the recommendation of an influencer whom they like as being much more trustworthy than, for example, a TV ad with an unknown actor.
Positive brand association: While other marketing strategies make you instantly aware that you are watching an ad, this is not the case with influencer marketing. This applies even when the influencer is directly promoting a certain product or service. The audience doesn't feel pressured in any way, but rather pleasantly informed of the benefits or existence of the product/service. In the long term, such advertising measures have a far greater effect on the purchasing trends or perception of a particular brand on consumers.

Our Services

• Influencer sourcing
• Relationship building & management
• Marketing campaign management
• Content development
• Social Media Management
• Contract negotiation
• Campaign monitoring & Reporting
• Recommended rates and pricing for influencers

Our Process

Working with Mandreel is a smooth, stress-free experience. We have streamlined our process into nine steps.
1. Scoping: In order to ensure an ideal cooperation that yields the best results, we start our projects with a discussion via telephone or email, where we analyze your business and seek to understand in detail the objectives you are trying to achieve. We can also arrange an appointment for a personal workshop to further discuss your project and give you an opportunity to meet the team in person.
2. Campaign planning: Through close collaboration with you or your business representative, we develop a creative campaign that meets your wishes and ideas as well as gives the influencer his creative freedom. We take care of the negotiations and communication with the influencers for you.
3. Target group identification: Here we define precise target groups at the workshop based on your desired or current customers. Targeted and tailor-made advertising for target groups guarantees the relevance of influencer choices and campaign strategies, which leads to greater success.
4. Influencer scouting: We will find the right influencers who can advertise your brand and your product in an authentic and target group-specific manner. The selection is made through qualitative and quantitative analysis using suitable tools and our long experience.
5. Content creation: In this phase our experts will design the right content that presents your products or services in a target group-oriented manner. Our design and content marketing teams work together to produce fresh, unique content that suits both your business and the influencers brand.
6. Quality assurance: Here we ensure that the content is created in accordance with the project objectives and that the legal provisions are complied with. A final review is carried out before going live to ensure quality and technical functionality.
7. Platform selection: At this point we determine which platforms and in which combination will deliver the desired results. We take into account key factors to ensure we portray the perfect image for your business.
8. Implementation & optimization: Now we execute the campaign and monitor results in real time, making adjustments for maximum impact. We handle all aspects of the influencer marketing campaign while you focus on running your business.
9. Reporting: To help you understand and keep up with the success of our influencer campaign, we prepare regular detailed reports for you. We also archive the data, from which we can create or recommend future campaigns.

Why choose Mandreel

We listen: We owe our outstanding customer satisfaction rate to our willingness to listen and understand your vision. We then analyze your business and advise you on the best strategies and ideas that can help you realize your vision.
We value integrity: Honesty, transparency and accountability are at the core of everything we do. We believe in taking care of your business as it if were our own so we will not sell you anything you do not need. If you want to partner with an agency that you trust, choose us.

We are result-oriented: Our performance-driven experts work to achieve your goals and then exceed them. This work ethic ensures each of our clients gets a great return on their investments. We believe in letting our results speak for themselves.
We know marketing: Our agency is staffed with experienced and motivated marketing professionals. We work hard together to develop the right marketing strategies and resources to take your business to the top. We want to help you get noticed with original, innovative thinking and marketing tactics.

We run successful campaigns: We’ve planned and implemented hundreds of successful influencer marketing campaigns across many different niches. From this wealth of experience, we are able to deliver high performance campaigns that can set your business apart as a leader in your industry.

We use the latest tools: We leverage cutting-edge technology and marketing tools to take advantage of every opportunity to engage your target audience and keep your brand before their eyes and in their minds. Our aim is to get new people to discover your brand and build a following of loyal customers.

Quick turnarounds: We set reasonable deadlines that ensures we hit milestones as scheduled. We monitor and report performance so you are able to follow our progress. We take pride in making sure each of our campaigns is delivered on-time, within budget, and without surprises.

We care about our clients: We treat each client with respect and handle every campaign with the professionalism it deserves. We adopt a customer-centric approach to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

How much will influencer marketing cost your business?

Influencer marketing is proven to be very cost effective and can be used by businesses of all sizes including new and inexperienced entrepreneurs with a limited budget. The cost of an influencer marketing campaign will largely be determined by the quantity, quality and reach of the influencers used. As a rule, the more followers or popular an influencer, the more expensive the campaign. To get an exact quote of the cost of a marketing campaign, please get in touch with us.

Other aspects such as the specific niche, quality of followers and other key figures also play an important role in cost determination. This different and variable pricing gives smaller companies and startups the opportunity to engage in influencer marketing with a smaller budget.

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At Mandreel we will work to find suitable influencers that can increase your brand awareness and visibility on the Internet. We have a large network and are able to find the right partner for your brand.

But that's not all.

The right marketing strategy is just as important as finding the right influencer. We work closely with you to develop a solid strategy and support you and your company through every stage of the process until all your goals have been achieved. Our experts are waiting to design, plan and implement every aspect of your campaign, all with the aim of making your brand, product or service a household name.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about our influencer marketing agency in Malaysia.

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