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Singapore is a global city which has a highly developed market economy. Internationally, it is one of the freest, most innovative, dynamic, competitive, and business-friendly country. Based on the 2018 Index of Economic Freedom, the 2019 Ease of Doing Business Index, and the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index 2018, Singapore placed a very high rank which is 2nd among every other country in the world. That being said, creating a company and business can be seen as relatively easy in Singapore, but maintaining it and making it be successful? Not that much.

With an extremely competitive market, it is important for you and your company to establish brand awareness and make it stand out amid numerous competitors out there. So, how do you achieve that? The answer is by using the right marketing strategy and hiring a good PR agency for your business. An effective and efficient marketing strategy that hit the spot can help your customers to comprehend how and why your products or services is better or different from your competitors. It can also aid you to reach your target audience and boost your customer base.

Developing the right marketing strategy for your business definitely requires a lot of research, time, and commitment, but all of those processes are invaluable and can contribute greatly to your business success. Marketing strategy is not all about advertising, there are also many other tools that you can get to market your brand. One of the most important marketing strategies that people often tend to overlook is PR.

Public Relation (PR) can have a great significance of value to your business especially for your brand reputation, so it is quite necessary for a company or business to build their own PR plan if they want to have a positive image and a good establishment in a long-term. As a PR Agency in Singapore, Mandreel can assist you to choose the best PR plan for your brand and making it more visible to the public as well as your target audience.

What is PR?

PR is used to build your brand reputation. It is all about sending the right messages, in the right places, to the right people. Your company can work with PR Agency to build your image in the industry and promote it. Unlike advertisement, the way we help your company and your brand to gain a positive reputation are not from paid communications, but preferably from earned communications whether by traditional media, social media, or in-person engagements. The explanation of earned communications is that PR Agency will help to convince reporters, editors, or influencers to write a positive story about you and your brand that will appear in the editorial media section rather than the paid section where advertising messages appear. This will help you to get more credibility since it was written by the third person and not by yourselves, so it can be more convincing for the audience to believe the story of you or your company.

When you decide to work with us as PR Agency in Singapore, we can help you to identify your uniqueness among the competitor, the message of the brand, and the objectives. From there, we can assist to build a narrative that will portray your reputation, ideas, products, position, or accomplishment in a positive direction. In a way, we can be your story teller.

Aside from promoting your brand, a PR Agency can also help you to defend your reputation in the event of the unfortunate incident come. It is obvious that every company wants everything to run smoothly and perfectly without any major disruption. But in reality, business is very vulnerable to a wide range of unexpected accidents such as data breach, negative reviews, failed event, etc. Some of these accidents can even lead to a potentially dreadful effect on revenue, customer loyalty, acquisition, and many other important business aspects. When you hit by such crisis, a fast and carefully crafted respond is necessary to mitigate the damage and protect your brand reputation. By working with the PR Agency in Singapore, you can significantly improve your capability to minimize the impact of bad publicity on your business.

What you can get from PR

A good PR is important when you want to run your business for a long time. Here are some of the advantages you can potentially get when you work with good PR Agency:

  • Improves Brand Credibility

In every industry, you have to become trustworthy to be successful. When your brand does not have enough trust from people it can lead to low income or sales since potential customers have a doubt when they want to buy your products or services. Experts in PR can help you to boost your brand credibility through thought media relations, influencer connections, and networking strategies.

  • Raise Brand Awareness

A right PR strategy can increase your brand presence in the market. Whether it is done by using social media, press releases, or connections with media and sites that publish content, PR Agency can help to spread a word about your company and your stories in a positive way. Enabling for many people to see it and reach the right audience.

  • Manage Reputation

Nowadays, people can talk freely especially on the internet. They can say anything they want about a company and may give a bad reputation to some businesses. This could be harmful to your business and by focusing on the PR campaign, you can help to tailor the information about your company online. Through right and effective PR support, you can help to tell the message of your brand all in the right ways.

  • Attract Potential Clients and Investors

A great feature in a prominent publication can be an excellent way to demonstrate your company capability and credibility. When an unbiased outsider mentioned your company name in their self-written article in an industry trade journal or a major national outlet, any potential investors or clients will look your company in a good direction and may attract to invest or buy your product. By reading your business stories and press releases, any customers or potential investors will find more ways to connect with you.

  • Enhance Online Presence

To have your brand name mentioned in popular social media post, articles, or blogs will surely increase your brand presence on the internet. Your SEO can also be improved and people can find your brand more easily online. When a brand can be found with ease and in top search pages, it can definitely raise the brand’s credibility.

  • Increase Profits and Sales

PR is also a part of marketing. When your brand becomes visible in the public or your target market through every means of unique PR activities and attracting new customers, eventually your company sales and profit will be increased.

Why you should hire a PR Agency in Singapore?

Strive to be one of the top PR Agency, Mandreel will take an extra mile for you to deliver our services successfully. We are a team of dedicated professionals who always ready to take the challenge to bring your business to the next level. Through thoughtful and personal analysis, we crafted the best PR strategy that will focus on giving what your company needs and want. We can work with any kind of clients, whether you are from the private sector or public sector, individual or organization, we always handle every project with passion and care.

Our services also cover consumer product PR, which can help you to promote your new or established products. With our creativity and innovative ideas, the savvy PR team in Mandreel can help you to get coverage on national news or local magazine. Our past work had successfully get our clients coverage on Channel News Asia, the sixth-widest reach among television news channels in Asia-Pacific.

Our dedicated PR services

When you decided to work with us, first we will be going to do a thorough discussion and analysis to give an honest assessment of your communication objectives. Based on that and our dedicated research, we can guide you to select the most suitable PR strategy that works best for you or your company to achieve your goals.

Here are some of the services that you can choose when you decided to work with us, it can be customized according to what you need.

  • Media pitching
  • Media interviews
  • Media invitations
  • Media follow up
  • Media relationship building
  • Media training
  • Public and media relations strategies
  • Press release writing
  • Press release seeding
  • Press conference
  • Product launch event
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Social media campaign development, implementation, maintenance
  • Corporate communications
  • Crisis management
  • Online wires & SEO

Get in touch with us

With our holistic and personal approach, Mandreel can be one of the top choice when you want to hire a PR Agency in Singapore for you or your company. If you need more information or have any questions regarding PR and what we do, we can discuss further about our services by contacting through the contact information we have provided. Feel free to ask us any time and our dedicated staff will always ready and happy to give help and the answer that you need.

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