Top Influencer Marketing Agencies In Asia  

Influencer marketing is what most brands do to get more clients to patronize their products with the aim of making lots of profits. It is important to know that the world is now globalized, so most firms are now embracing the use of several marketing strategies to promote their brands. In this article, emphasis will be laid on the top influencer marketing companies in Asia.   

Over the years, influencer marketing in Asia has significantly improved which has brought about positive results. There are lots of Influencer marketing companies that have done well in promoting brands which is quite remarkable. Let’s take a look at these top influencer marketing companies below;  

1. JustSimple 

JustSimple is the first on this list. It is an influencer marketing agency that is situated in Malaysia and has a huge scope of influencers. It has long stretches of involvement overseeing Influencer Marketing in Malaysia and has helped different organizations in the country to promote their brands through its intelligent and creative Influencers. 

2. The Asia Collective 

The Asia Collective is the second on this list. It is an influencer advertising organization situated in Singapore. The organization is viewed as Asia’s first influencer marketing agency. In view of their profound skills and abilities in influencer marketing, they help in curating the best contents accompanied with creative and real stories to draw customers across the world to patronize the brands at their disposal. 

3. Adfocate 

Adfocate is an influencer marketing firm that spends significant time in uniting influencers and customers together. This firm has proven to be successful amongst other influencer advertising organizations in Asia because of its reputation over the years. They have done well in taking influencer advertising to another level in the Asia continent. Also, the firm has helped in getting clients to various firms in Asia which is quite remarkable.

4. BrandSpeaks.co 

BrandSpeaks.co is another outstanding influencer marketing organization on this list. It has practical experience in taking a brand’s story to life through the utilization of web-based media influencers, bloggers, as well as creative influencers. They have prevailed in regards to establishing the most reliable and trustworthy association among brands and influencers.  

5. Partipost 

Partipost is the last one on this list. It is an Influencer marketing organization that is situated in Singapore. The organization employs anyone with a web-based media profile to partake in the influencer campaigns. Their fundamental objective is to unite individuals and influencers together. The company allows brands to motivate individuals to patronize their products through their high-standard systems. The company has also done well in ensuring that they gain customer’s trust by advertising only genuine products offered by the different brands at their disposal. 

Having gone through these five major influencer marketing companies in Asia, you will notice that they all have a very good reputation based on what they are good at. If you have a brand in Asia and you are looking forward to advertising and marketing your brand, these companies can help you in achieving your aims.