DVS, VHM & GVP: Everything You Need to Know About the Certification in Malaysia for Pet Products

Introduction to DVS

There are some rules and regulations related to any industry for a safe, corruption-free and perfect environment. The authorized organizations issue certificates to the businesses that comply with these rules and regulations. You can avoid fines and shutdowns by getting the right certificates for your practice. DVS or Department Of Veterinary Services Malaysia is a government body that takes care of veterinarian issues.

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What is DVS Malaysia

DVS Malaysia works under the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry (MOA) and It takes care of issues that pertain to veterinary services. It’s been contributing a lot of effort in order to ensure that domestic animals are healthy and properly cared for. The Malaysian Veterinary Department is not only your regular regulatory body but it also plays an important role in disease control as well as animal protection.

It was established in 1888 to control domestic animal diseases. The structure of the department changed over time as veterinary services have grown in demand. DVS has nine different divisions.

The Department of Veterinary Services is responsible for issuing certificates to import and export live animals and animal products. It issues permits for the import and export of animals and their products under the legislation of Animal Act 1953 (Revised 2006) and Animal Food Act 2009 (Act 698).

A few of the main responsibilities of the DVS are as follows;

  • Controlling and preventing animal diseases by implementing different regulations.
  • Promoting the animal feed industry.
  • Researching on animal diseases.
  • Expand the livestock production.
  • Ensuring that the animal products are healthy for humans to consume.

Why Should You Register With DVS Malaysia?

  • People will trust your business when you are certified so, this will increase your customer satisfaction.
  • The goal of acquiring DVS certification is to produce higher quality, from every process and product to every employee and customer. So, it plays an important role in increasing the quality of every aspect of your organization or company.
  • With DVS certification, your company gets international recognition.
  • Most of the tenders require DVS certifications, so having DVS certified, makes your business eligible for these and hence it improves your business opportunities.

What Certificates Does DVS Malaysia Issue?

DVS Malaysia issues the following certificates:

  • VHM (Veterinary Health Mark)
  • GVP (Good Veterinary Practice)
  • And more

Your business could be shut down by the government of Malaysia if you do not have the correct safety certifications.

If you’re a veterinary business in Malaysia, then it’s important to have a good understanding of your responsibilities as a business owner. For example, certain safety certifications must be obtained before you can legally operate your veterinary business. If you don’t have these certifications—or if they expire—then the government could shut down your business and even fine you for failing to follow the law.

Veterinary Health Mark Certificate Malaysia (VHM)

Veterinary Health Mark Certificate (VHM) is a type of certificate issued by the Malaysian government. It is required by law for all animals imported into Malaysia.

The VHM vouches that an animal and its products have passed all necessary tests and inspections to ensure they are healthy before being allowed entry into Malaysia.

The Good Veterinarian Practice Certificate (GVP) is a certificate issued by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) under the Ministry of agriculture and agro-based industry Malaysia, that requires any business that is related to livestock or its products such as meat, eggs, milk, fur, leather, and wool. in Malaysia.

The DVS issues VHM certificates based on certain requirements set by them, such as:

  • Plant inspection (infrastructure, design, material, and inspection procedures)
  • Hygiene and sanitation.
  • Quality Assurance Program.
  • GMP and HACCP Plan

VHM Procedure

  1. Application received at (AP / DVS / VHM) with supporting documents.
  2. Documents Audit
  3. Audit officials check each and everything and verify.
  4. If any additional information is required, officials will contact the applicant.
  5. Compliance audits. (QA, GMP, HACCP)
  6. Report to the technical committee.
  7. DVS certification award scheme’s decision.
  8. Notification of the Approval

Good Veterinarian Practice Certificate (GVP)

Veterinarians play a very important role to protect the health of both animals and people. They solve the health needs and problems of animals. Veterinarians also play critical roles in environmental protection, food safety, and public health.

For this important role in human society, it was necessary to have some set of rules and regulations to determine a good veterinarian.

Good Veterinary Practice (GVP) is a certification provided by DVS Malaysia which makes sure that all the services offered by the veterinary profession and professionals are produced and controlled to the defined quality standards. It provides certification to the practitioners that want to work within the framework of a quality management system for the benefit of both (them and the society)

Qualities of a good Veterinary Practitioner to get GVP certification (but not limited to) are:

The general requirements include;

  • Determining organizational procedures
  • Creating procedure steps
  • Introducing compulsory techniques for controlling the procedures

Other requirements are;

  • Customer focus and satisfaction are the priority
  • There must be a policy for internal communication
  • Should clearly explain the responsibilities and roles and each individual
  • A human resource management system should be established
  • Any issues must be solved and managed continuously
  • All the equipment should be checked
  • Continuous improvement in each and everything
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the services and fixing the problems


The Malaysian government is taking steps to make sure that the country is a safer place by introducing new regulations. These regulations are aimed at making sure that the supply of livestock and their products in the country is safe for consumers. These regulations include providing certifications to those organizations and businesses that are following the rules and regulations. DVS is the certification, under which different certifications are issued. We have discussed some of these certificates.

To get these certifications easily and for an affordable price, you need a partner who has knowledge of the industry. At Mandreel, we provide VHM certification and GVP certification in the comfort of your home. You can trust us to get these certifications successfully. If you have any inquiries related to these, you can contact us.

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