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Mandreel Malaysia is a well-equipped agency providing strategic consultancy, digital marketing solutions including social media and influencer marketing, and graphic design services. We function as an integrated business partner to enhance businesses’ brand image, public relations as well as business qualifications. Along with these, we continue to strengthen their brands by providing consultancy in Jakim Halal Certification as well as HACCP, MESTI, and GMP certification processes in Malaysia.

Today having a one-dimensional business strategy or business mindset is not enough to increase your profit, market share, and reputation. No matter how well you perform your job, provide service or sell high-quality goods, you need to understand your customer segment’s expectations, adapt to the requirements of the market you operate such as certifications for reliability, and also reinforce these strategies with solid brand management and social media marketing.

With its performance-oriented and professional staff, Mandreel is a new generation agency and business consultancy firm aimed at making a difference for a business with its competition and targeting more potential customers in this path. By assessing the expectations of its consumers and operating in this direction, Mandreel Agency, which creates innovative solutions through its fully customized and brand-specific market research, makes a stark difference particularly for developing small and medium scale enterprises.

We take an integrated approach to developing marketing strategies and business development plans for companies. We may coordinate the projects of your brand and product marketing, or special day event management for improving your public image or work closely on just one element of our services such as business consultancy services for food industry SMEs that want to scale up their sales and export volume.

How does the business consultancy process work?

We look at our customer demands as a total journey of a project.  And if there is a question in a project, we fix these problems in our team immediately. In this sense, within our organization, we have our brand managers, social media specialists, PR consultants, event planners, and business consultants focused on the Malaysian market ecosystem. Through these experts, our account executives and customer executives assess your demands and expectations as well as perform the briefing, offer, and schedule details.

They act as a bridge with our expert team leads. After the project framework is detailed and agreed upon, you can be in contact with all of our team members when you need it. Apart from your requests, we update our customers periodically about the project status and provide necessary reports whether it is a social media campaign or more long-term Halal, MeSTI, HACCP, or GMP certification process. We follow up each step for you and with you. For leading companies in the market of Malaysia, we currently deliver integrated marketing and business solution partnerships.

Why choose Mandreel Agency?

  • Mandreel agency provides all the strategies and solutions that can make the brand achieve huge attention and success in the related market. With our dedicated account executives only will be responsible for your project, you will experience a smooth project delivery.
  • Mandreel trusts its knowledge and expertise, acts straightforwardly, simply, and therefore does not confuse you with process details but manages all the hassle on behalf of you.
  • We analyze, design, implement, administer, and report. Hence, transparency and integrity are achieved with our style of working.
  • Mandreel operates on a project basis, to present the highest possible gain for your organization or brand with full concentration.
  • Together with a talented team specialized in branding and marketing we build powerful new creative engaging graphic designs, serve as PR strategy and brand management experts as well as business consultants for your legal and commercial requirements to operate in the Malaysia market.

We guarantee that you achieve successful results after we deliver our services that would meet the needs of your business whether it is a consultancy need or desire attract new clients from the Internet, add credibility to your corporate image by several PR events or promotions to leave your competition behind. Mandreel Agency is here to assist you with the capabilities of social media, market research, branding, and PR strategy and other variables to be performed for scaling up your business through the appropriate strategies.

We have worked with several SME companies in the Malaysian market to transform them into worldwide exporters through achieving global certifications and stamps like HACCP and GMP as well as service providers who need to create a brand image and visibility to access the global e-commerce market. So, whatever you need to boost your sales and/or to take the next big step for your company, Mandreel is here for you.

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