ISO 27001: The International Information Security Management System

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an authorized international system about how companies manage their information to remain safe and secure. As an excellent framework, ISO 27001 strengthens companies’ credibility, specifically in confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This Information Security Management System (ISMS) not only protects but also increases the value and improves the reputation of businesses.

ISO 27001 has 14 domains and 113 information security controls that cover six major security areas. Those are company security policy, asset management, physical and environmental security, access control, incident management, and regulatory compliance. Each company has a specific situation in implementing which domains and security controls are most relevant for the business. There are many parameters to be considered, so the selection process for information security controls generally relies on the services of a consultant.

Why Do You Need ISO 27001 Certification in Malaysia?

The primary goal of ISO 27001 is to guarantee that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of essential data assets are all maintained at all times. A successful ISMS will help your firm by enhancing consumer confidence, assisting with compliance and regulatory requirements, resolving internal/external security concerns, and enhancing internal performance. When information security compliance is demanded by clients, regulatory bodies, or legal obligations, ISO 27001 accreditation makes sense for your firm.

ISO 27001 certification in Malaysia is an international standard established by the International Company for Standardization (ISO) for information security that poses a substantial danger to the organization.

The ISO 27001 certification services are part of the ISO 27000 series, which is a family of standards. When it comes to ISO 27001 registration services in Malaysia, this standard has requirements as well as 114 controls, each of which must be implemented when each clause is completed.

The ISO 27001 certification in Malaysia has certain standards that are extremely important for any firm wishing to maintain complete control over information security in all situations. With the support of ISO 27001 audit services in Malaysia, an information security management system may assist an organization in gaining more control over corporate security and managing security more effectively.

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ISO 27001 Certification Benefits for Malaysia Business:

  • It establishes a formal information security framework for implementing security controls and objectives.
  • It ensures compliance with client, regulatory, and legal requirements.
  • It allows you to provide relevant security policies to prospective clients and pass security audits required by those clients.
  • Develop or enhance current security procedures.
  • Determine acceptable business risks for applicable security measures.
  • Reduce the costs and hazards of security breaches if they occur, while also ensuring that the event is handled effectively. enables independent certification by a third-party entity to be obtained.

Receive Our Professional Help from ISO 27001 Certification Consultants in Malaysia

Our consultants perform an initial consultation to assess the present condition of your information security programs in comparison to best practices as outlined by ISO 2700. Then, calculate your current information security risk assessment for the ISO controls area by using the following formula:

  • An assessment of your network and physical infrastructure.
  • Writing written security policies and controls, ISO auditing processes, and policy improvement.
  • Establish ISO 27001 best practices if security enhancements are required.
  • Obtain third-party certification following ISO 27001 standards.

How Does the ISO 27001 Malaysia Consultation Process Work?

  1. In order to assist you in gaining certification, we employ the following consulting strategy:
  2. Identify the areas of your present Management System that require improvement or evolution.
  3. Prepare a strategic action plan, in collaboration with your company’s staff, to target those areas that demand improvement, and aid with the communication of these requirements to key personnel at all levels of the organization.
  4. Provide system-related training to your company’s employees to raise awareness and equip them with the information and skills they will need in order to adapt systems.
  5. Provide support and advice on the creation and deployment of systems, as well as on the preparation of documentation for these systems.
  6. Advice and help, as needed, in the preparation and submission of certification applications to your certifying organization.
  7. Assistance in developing internal auditing processes and training for the organization.
  8. Internal auditing should be performed to check that the management system is being implemented effectively before the final audit by your certification authority.
  9. Organization of Management Review Meeting to evaluate the performance of the management system and identify areas for improvement before the final audit by the certification authority.

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System Awareness Understanding, Documenting, and Implementing ISO 27001 Internal Audit of ISO 27001 Quality Management System are among the topics covered by our customized in-house training services.

Which Companies Should Receive the ISO 27001 Certification in Malaysia?

When it comes to service-based enterprises, information security must be given a great deal of consideration and consideration. A considerable role is played by ISO 27001 consulting services in Malaysia, particularly in the information technology industry.

During this phase, the company should gain a thorough understanding of the scopes and procedures that are involved in each of the departments. To provide well-structured ISO 27001 consultant services in Malaysia, it is important to first determine the context of the firm. All of the threats that are driving the breakdown of information security in the company, both internally and outside, should be viewed as imminent danger.

Based on the needs of an information security management system, the management team should be well informed about the organizational context in which they operate.

Establishing the aim of the ISO 27001 certification process in Malaysia will help the organization comprehend and develop a comprehensive plan that will result in a better outcome for the company.

Because a breach in information security can occur in a variety of ways, including the organization’s structure, data storage devices, the procedures that each department uses to transfer information, the resources that are included in the flow of data, and how departments communicate with one another.

With ISO 27001 accreditation, you can improve the security of your information systems

Complex information technology systems are now capable of processing a vast amount of data. While at the same time, protecting them is getting increasingly difficult. We offer you an impartial analysis of the degree to which your information security management system (ISMS) complies with the criteria of ISO 27001 when you get an ISO 27001 certification.

In this way, the risk of security breaches may be decreased, and IT security practices can be implemented that contribute to the long-term improvement in the quality of your systems.

With an ISO 27001 certificate, you can demonstrate to your clients and business partners that information security is a top concern for you.

Do you want to learn more about information security management in Malaysia by obtaining ISO 27001 Certification? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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