ISO & FSSC 22000 Certification

What is an ISO & FSSC 22000 Certificate?

It is a comprehensive approach that takes all stages of food production to a certain level. The distinction between ISO & FSSC 22000 Food Safety and other quality control schemes is that it is just applicable for food products.

ISO & FSSC 22000 certification is an international food safety management scheme that applies to all food chain organizations to help to deliver food safely and sustainably. At the same time, the ISO & FSSC 22000 certificate is the quality certificate granted to food companies carrying out the required work under the standard framework. The mandatory processes of the ISO & FSSC 22000 standard are identical to most schemes. Due to legal specifications, the standard of materials is specific.

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Why ISO & FSSC 22000 is Important for Food Producers, Distributors, and Services?

It is an international food management framework that determines what has to be done in a world-class food production facility and implements the accepted worldwide "Food Safety Management System". Also, it can be seen as the first step for the HACCP certification process as well.

It is possible to construct a document structure and easily acquire the ISO 22000 certificate. HACCP is a food industry best practice as well. HACCP means that critical control points are defined. One facet of food risk analysis is HACCP. In the ISO 22000 standard-setting, HACCP mechanisms are also maintained.

The effectiveness of the food safety credential is primarily attributed to a transition in the management system, merely taking action to become a "superior company" from the role of a company being subjected to rules and regulations in both being a vendor as well as selecting a vendor for yourself.

Thus, organizations are both widening their vendor pool by auditing their vendors and growing the quality standard at any level. In food safety, a continuous control chain contributes significantly to the level of quality. Supplier assessment forms, plans, and approved supplier lists promote ongoing research and improvement of the entire food chain in order to ensure the availability of higher quality raw materials supplied for production.

What are the Advantages of the ISO 22000 Certificate for your Company?

In order to bear in mind why the food chain structure is critical, the ISO 22000 certificate requires the specification of certain food safety-oriented conditions.

  • It approaches the food safety problem as a technical and scientific concept and increases its effects on consistency.
  • It offers a management strategy that by establishing monitoring systems and continuously renewing itself, acts to offer the greatest benefit in terms of public health.
  • By enabling reporting and auditing in readily accessible written form, it enhances the attempts to regulate chemical waste.
  • It paves the way in the eyes of the consumer to be a successful brand that deals with business and also human wellbeing.
  • It guarantees that at the level of business management, the benefits of implementing food protection are first prioritized.
  • Introduce the organization to internationally recognized processes.
  • Provides trust to suppliers and stakeholders.

How to receive ISO / FSSC 22000 Certification?

With a stronger emphasis on risk-based planning and ISO-aligned systems in international trade, the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems will provide added benefits across the food chain to organizations of all sizes.

ISO 22000 includes the specifications of FSSC 22000 (which is a Global Food Safety Initiative, GFSI approved system) for the food safety management framework which is included along with the specifications for mandatory systems for the related business area.

We described the main steps to get ISO / FSSC 22000 Certification in Malaysia as follows and we are ready to advise you in the process.

  • You must specify your objective, framework, and policy for the implementation of the ISO 22000 Standard.

The policy should cover the organization's purpose and path, and the scope should be to establish the boundaries and applicability of the FSMS, and you should also define the goods and services, the procedures, and the manufacturing site(s) that will be included.

Meeting the Requirements

You should create, implement, address, evaluate, and update the programs. Also, you need to document them, including food safety policy and related mission, necessary protocol, and reports of the organization's guidelines. And then, create a documentation protocol and set up a mechanism for managing compliance.

  • You should implement the ISO 22000 requirements in your organization and top management should review the ISO 22000 scheme of the company to ensure its continued adequacy.

Management Procedures

Your organization's management needs to demonstrate proof of intent. To encourage food safety, you should set business priorities to ensure that you express the value of meeting the criteria.
Management review sessions will need to be held to evaluate the efficacy of the FSMS by reviewing the review results and ensuring that the review analysis contains the decisions and measures expected to enhance the FSMS.

  • Establish an Internal Audit team and perform regular audits.

Control the procedures and facility depending on specifications based on ISO 22000. The company should ensure the compliance and efficacy of the implementation of ISO 22000. Also, you need to establish a hazard analysis team for food safety to assess which threats need to be monitored, the degree of protection needed, and the range of control measures necessary.

Controlling and Eliminating Nonconformances

You need to establish a product non-conformity protocol by using effective methods to check the accuracy of the product and fix the major and minor nonconformities.


Validate food safety control measures to ensure that they are reliable and to revalidate them if the control measures are revised. Your company needs to conduct an internal audit and management review every year. There will be a supervisory audit every year by the certification body.

You should contact us to learn more about how to apply for ISO & FSSC 22000 certification.

Structuring Processes

With the monitoring of process results, necessary skills will be acquired, and risks will be taken under control and the system will be prepared for certification.

Training on ISO 22000 Certification

Basic knowledge can be generated during the training courses to be offered while demonstrating to the workers all facets of the system's principles. The commitment of workers to organizational culture and traditions, their relationships, and an open and participatory mindset will be reinforced.

Documentation Phase

The documentation preparation phase of the Food Safety Management System starts after training. The Food Safety Management Team is advised in the training sessions about which document and method to prepare by issuing the assignments. The sampling process will be applied.

Our consultant and instructor working at the institution are also active in the processing of documentation, in addition to the food safety management team. According to the ISO 22000 documentation system, all documents collected and produced are clarified to the employees in the company and developed by them.

Real Audit and Certification

The certification bodies are notified after all the documents are generated and enforced, and the audit day is booked. Afterward, the certification body's independent teams come to conduct an audit on the business. If necessary, nonconformances will be remedied with the support of our ISO consultants as well.

Why do You Need ISO & FSSC 22000 Consultation?

The process of obtaining ISO & FSSC 22000 certification is quite complex, and every step requires expert knowledge. With the ISO consultancy, the ISO & FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System will be realized with the participation of everyone in the company, on the other hand, during this process, Mandreel business consultancy will ensure that you are ready in every aspect until the actual audit day required for certification.


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