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Are you looking for guidance from an experienced agency on how to spread the word about your company brand in the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia or Indonesia? Are you confused about how to best market your products or services on the internet? Are you searching for a way to redesign some stodgy and stale elements of your business? Or do you just need some guidance and advice on branding (from creative to animation), PR, advertising, digital marketing campaign?

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Mandreel is a branding, PR, advertising and digital marketing agency that is focused on helping you and your company grow. Our main focus is assisting companies in USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, but are happy to help other companies in Asia that are seeking advice on from branding such as animation and creative works to digital marketing and advertising.

To put it lightly, we are obsessed with branding and digital marketing. This is because digital marketing and branding have become even more important in today’s day and age. The business world has become more and more competitive.

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Animation Agency & Studio House Production

Here at Mandreel animation studio & agency, our animation design process is collaborative and we make sure to keep you informed in every step of the way so that we can work together to bring your story and idea to life.

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Branding, Creative & Graphic Design Agency & Services

At Mandreel, we employ a team that is passionate about branding and creative work. Our team can help you and your company with a variety with tasks like product research, design and development, and digital marketing. For instance, if you are thinking of launching a new product within your niche, you can collaborate with our Mandreel experts who will research the potential market and determine whether current and prospective customers will be enthusiastic about the product. You can also use our branding and creative team to brainstorm and implement new products through a design thinking lens.

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Logo Design Agency

A company’s logo is one of the most important marketing tools. A logo shares the story of your company, the products or services that you offer, and the values that you want to broadcast. Simply put, the decisions that you make about your logo can impact many aspects of your company—including your bottom line. At Mandreel, we have a team of hungry, motivated logo designers that want to work with you to design (or redesign) your logo. They bring to the table much experience on the theory behind logo design and how your logo can best showcase your business and your values.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have become internet juggernauts—not only in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, but throughout the entire world.

Due to their scale and presence around the world, social media websites grant you access to an immense range of potential customers. Ultimately, social media websites recognize this fact and have developed extremely advanced targeting software for advertisers. At Mandreel, we have the expertise to help you best leverage the power of social media marketing.

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Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most prominent and effective ways to spread the word about your company and your products or services. That said, it can sometimes be difficult to design and execute a Google AdWords strategy that fits your goals and objectives. Our Google AdWords team at Mandreel is happy to help you navigate this confusing landscape. Upon deciding to work with our team, we will set down with you to determine your objectives, target audience, and potential keywords to use when targeting. From there, our Google AdWords team will set off to work on your campaign

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Website Design

Studies frequently show that the design of a website influences how users think about—or even trust—the website that they are visiting. Factors like the color of a “buy” button or the simple navigation of your website can affect your company’s engagement, and ultimately, its online sales. Because of this, website design is a crucial task in order to find and retain customers. We are Mandreel have a stellar team of designers that can help you analyze and rethink the design of your website. From redesigning certain elements of your website to launching an entirely new version of your site

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UI & UX Design Agency

Calligraphy is an art of lettering. In the present scenario, the artistic style of lettering is used for invitation cards, certificates, memorial documents, nameplates and also for designing logos. Moreover, this calligraphy is also used for the purpose of gifting someone.

We provide digital art Arabic & Islamic Calligraphy. To get a customize design please contact us for more details. This form of art is one of the noblest art forms which mainly use proverbs and verses from the Holy Quran. It mainly uses two traditional symbolic scripts namely ‘Kufic’ and ‘Naskh’.

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Our Team and Our Process

A branding (graphic design, creative, animation), PR (public relations), advertising, digital marketing agency, and company are only as good as the members of its team. There’s no way around this. That said, this universal principle works in your favor, as the Mandreel team is exceptionally qualified and enthusiastic to help you accomplish your goals.

Compared to other agencies and service provider, we pride ourselves on our communication with our clients. Every engagement begins with an introductory meeting with the Mandreel team. At this first interaction, we focus on getting to know our clients. Specifically, we are aiming to understand the team, their work thus far, the current status of the particular thing they want to improve, and their goals and objectives for the project. From there, our experts at Mandreel share their background and experience and work with the client to come up with a tentative plan on how to accomplish the clients’ objectives.

After that introductory meeting, our experts go to work. Throughout the process, we stay in close contact with every client and share the results and conclusion from our work. We do our best to adhere to deadlines that our clients give us. Having said that, if we aren’t able to meet those deadlines for some reason, we communicate promptly. The creative process is sometimes messy, and if that is the case, we do our best to make any necessary adjustments so we can deliver high-quality work as soon as possible. Our experts aren’t afraid of going the extra mile to satisfy every single one of our clients.

If a client is satisfied with our work, that’s great. To be honest, this is what often occurs. If clients are not satisfied for some reason, however, we are happy to work with the client to ensure that their expectations are being met. We aren’t afraid of hearing direct, blunt criticism or harsh feedback. Our ultimate goal is to solve the problem that is in front of us, and the quickest way to do that is to receive honest feedback from our clients. Your 100 percent satisfaction is guaranteed.









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