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What is User Experience Design (UX)?

The user experience design (UX) is the process of creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences for users. This implies the design of the entire process of product acquisition and integration, including aspects of the brand, design, usability and function. Why UX design is so popular among users:

The UX Design is User-Cantered

Since the UX design encompasses the entire user journey, it is a multidisciplinary field: UX designers in our UI & UX agency come from a variety of backgrounds, such as visual design, programming, psychology and interaction design. The design for human users also requires a greater scope with respect to accessibility and adapts to the physical limitations of many potential users, such as reading small texts. The typical tasks of a UX designer at a different UI & UX agency vary, but often include user research, the creation of people, the design of wireframes and interactive prototypes, as well as test designs. These tasks can vary a lot from one company to another, but they always demand that the designers be the users' advocates and keep the needs of the users at the centre of all the design and development efforts. This is also why most UX designers at UX design studio work on some type of user-cantered work process and continue to channel their best-informed efforts until they optimally address all relevant issues and user needs.

And What is the Difference between Designer UX and UI?

Both are responsible for designing and drawing the required platform. The difference is the approach: Designer UX at UI & UX design company is to ensure that the user experience is perfect, to ensure that the user remains on the site, to better interact with the processes and the brand, or even to convert. The design user interface aims to design and project the interface, the visual part of the interface, thinking of the best, most beautiful and most innovative solution possible.

Profile and Professional Features for an UX Designer

It is essential to have technical experience in design tools, especially Illustrator, Photoshop and In Design. Material Design, Flat Design to create prototypes, create layouts and other activities, you must also be familiar with Axure, Invision, Marvel, MidNode, OmniGraffle, Sketch, Fluid, LucidChart or other tools. As personal characteristics, it is necessary: Excellent design skills with sensitivity to user interaction; excellent communication skills and presentation of ideals; Know how to solve problems creatively and effectively. Antenna to the latest trends, techniques and technologies of the area, with frequent updates. When it comes to websites or online platforms, the candidate is also asked to know the basics of responsive designs, web design, notions of HTML and CSS, and tools such as Google Web Designer. For Designers at UI design company focused on Mobile, it is important to know the guidelines of each of the operating systems. As differentiators, we highlight a consistent portfolio in the area, solid experiences, motion design and video editing, illustration, graduation in graphic design, digital design or related areas and specializations in the UX area.

Mandreel - User Experience Design Company

The User Interface is the gallery perspective of any web / mobile / desktop application, the way the client wants to show it is the User Experience. Your ideas are remodelled in our creative and experienced creator team of design developers. Mandreel is a user experience design company, welcomes all kinds of design options on the mobile, website or desktop application the way the client wishes to appear.

The user research required for the demands of products on the market to present their product in a way, merchants attracts more consumers to involve them for a long time by developing the design of the user interface.

Professional User Interface Design Services

How does it appear in real? The client must deliver his design imagination that helps a designer to be enhanced with his creativity. The client can modify the UI / UX if it exists with a mobile application or a previous website available in the web appearance.

Our UI & UX agency not only designs, but accepts all your complex thoughts quickly so that our developers understand them and make them come true.

Our UI Design Services Responsible for Design Performance

Our designer designs the product with raw data and puts it into design mode using advanced design technology in the market with its creative mind. The designer is fully trained and competes in the market to make your product more effective and powerful.

Clean and Smooth Interface

We make sure to maintain the design with a focused mind to direct the public towards the promotion of the product as expected. Provided you have knowledge of the product display in the form of an application.

Faster Prototypes

From the beginning of mobile and web application design, our user interface designer keeps in touch with the client to maintain the work flow, navigation and product visualization to present the raw design to the client and perform continuous tests until you get the desired result.

User Tests

While testing the designed product, a tester compares the detailed product analysis, which guarantees compliance with the final product.


After implementing the final product for the user, we commit to our UI Design Services for additional improvisation if a customer feels a flaw. The worst benefit of the UI / UX design agency is that it has the active technical staff to help you integrate into the back-end so that the application runs smoothly.

Why choose Mandreel as your UI / UX solution partner?

To increase commitment time and prevent people from stopping, we UI & UX design agency provide a nice, brand-centric user experience in the macro and micro details of the design. The team of experts in solutions UI / UX of Mandreel offers only those solutions of design that are contemporary, empowering, centered the company and prepared for the future.

Whether it is experience design, information architecture or navigation model, the final delivery of the project is always visually impressive, functional and focused on the user. We develop highly flexible, scalable, responsive and easy-to-use applications for all platforms. In total, our user experience design agency help our partners to develop a robust and scalable user experience, which allows them to maximize their ROI and, therefore, meet the ultimate goals of their business.

You get our full attention

We keep our UX design agency in the optimal size that allows us to focus on design and customer relationships. Not only do we user experience design agency give our full attention to our clients, but we also give them the ability to work directly with the designer or developer. This result in a more fluid UX and a much healthier ROI. We UX / UI design firms are here to serve you both in design and in role consulting.

We are an agency driven by results.

That's why our UX design agency has been recognized for our best UI designs over the years. We provide an excellent return on investment and deliver solid and measurable results: higher conversion rates, fewer cancelled tasks, better participation, more effective communication with employees, fewer support calls and less maintenance fees.

We love Resolution Problems.

Our UI design agency take into account the background, objectives and expectations of the users, as well as the environment in which the application is used. We ask many questions and listen carefully. Then, our UX / UI design firms’ design workflows use people and develop the best solution to meet your design needs.

Diverse Experience

We have many years of success designing UI for a variety of sectors: Health, Finance, IT, Real Estate, eLearning, Education Sciences, Energy Management, Cosmetics and Fashion, Social Portals and Intr.

User Interface Solutions

See our UI design services in action by visiting our Portfolio page to see some of the work we have completed for previous clients. Everything we do begins with a deep understanding of its users and their needs. Unlike other GUI designers who approach each project with a set of preconceived notions, we take the time to discover what is unique about your business and the users of your application. This allows us to develop custom GUI designs that are effective and drive success for your business.

If you are not convinced that there is a clear link between UX / UI design and commercial success, contact our UI design agency directly. We will demonstrate why we are one of the leading UI design companies that work today. We will quickly identify innovative research-based ways to make your critical applications more functional, more intuitive and more attractive to users.

Mandreel is one of the leading UI / UX design companies, experience in creating intuitive and highly usable designs for the B2B market. Our attention to detail and UX's design expertise is what makes us one of the leading UX design companies. Together, we will improve the usability and usability of your applications for an optimal user experience.

Usability Consultants

Mandreel practices the User Cantered Design (UCD) methodology that involves treating the user as an actor throughout the creation process, and ensuring that their online products are useful and useful.

User interface designers

Driven by our passion to create attractive and usable designs, our UI & UX design company specialize in user interfaces for desktop, mobile and tablet computers in a wide range of markets.

Service: UI & UX Design Agency

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