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Social media continues to be a massive force around the world—including in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other Asian nations. In 2019 alone, it is expected that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users on earth, which is up from 2.46 billion in 2017. What started out as a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family has turned into a gargantuan machine, where businesses vie to gain the attention of these massive number of eyeballs.

We understand the power and necessity of having a solid, well-defined social media marketing plan. If a company does not have both an organic and paid presence on social media channels, they are at a severe disadvantage compared to their competitors. This is simply the way that the world works today.

Having said all of that, you should not be concerned. At Mandreel, we have a team of social media marketing experts who are happy to work with you and your company to showcase your products or services to social media users. No matter your objective or your budget, we will closely collaborate with you to ensure that you are seeing real results from your social media marketing campaigns.

Our Social Media Services

Social media marketing has become more common in today’s day and age. You may see other digital marketing agencies that offer social media marketing as part of their portfolio of services. At Mandreel, we take social media marketing seriously. And by “social media marketing,” we don’t just mean marketing strategies for just one social media platform or website. Our social media marketing experts can help you with marketing and advertising on any of the platforms below:

Facebook Advertising: As you likely know, Facebook is the king of all social media platforms. Facebook has around 2.3 billion monthly active users and that number is likely to grow in the near future. While Facebook started as a simple way to connect with people at your university, the service has radically transformed since then. Facebook offers its users a wide range of features, including the ability to go to a nearby event with friends, to discuss your passions in a Facebook group, and even live streaming your day to your close friends and family members.

Because of Facebook’s high engagement numbers, it is critical for your business to have a presence on Facebook. Besides owning and operating your own Facebook page, Facebook advertising is extremely powerful because of Facebook’s deep targeting. You can target specific groups of people based on their location, education levels, and even interests. You can also run ads based on your specific objectives, whether it is getting users to “Like” your Facebook page, visit your company’s website, or even “Boost” a particular post on your company’s Facebook page. The options are nearly endless and we are happy to help you craft a Facebook advertising strategy that suits your needs.

Instagram Advertising: Instagram is a famous photo and video sharing social network that has exploded in the past several years. At this time, Instagram has about one billion monthly active users, and this number is expected to continue growing. In all likelihood, you or someone else you know uses Instagram. Because of its focus on sharing photos and videos, Instagram users are focused on the visuals of each photo and their profiles. It is a much more visually-inspired social network compared to others in the social media marketplace.

Even if you don’t think your company has content that is suited for Instagram, rest assured that you can use Instagram advertisements in fun and interesting ways. For instance, if you can advertise your business’s new products through a simple photo of the product or through a more detailed video walkthrough of how to use the product. Again, the options are limited by your imagination.

Because Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012, Instagram advertising has integrated with Facebook’s advertising platform. What does this mean for you? Essentially, you can run coordinated campaigns across both Facebook and Instagram. If you have created a promising audience on Facebook, you can target your Instagram ads to the same audience. Ultimately, you do not have to know all of the details of Instagram advertising. Our Instagram advertising experts can speak with you about what you’d like to accomplish with Instagram marketing and execute a customized strategy to accomplish your goals.

LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn is widely known as the “professional” social network. As you likely know, LinkedIn users primarily connect with professional friends and colleagues on the platform. Along with this, LinkedIn has increasingly been seen as a news site, where influencers and even your connections share articles, videos, and other newsworthy content. That said, many users use LinkedIn for the purposes of recruiting and job hunting. Both active and passive job seekers go on the platform to connect with recruiters and companies that are looking to hire.

You can use LinkedIn advertising for a variety of purposes, including finding your next great hire or simply building brand recognition around your business. Like Facebook and Instagram ads, you can easily target certain audiences that are more likely to be interested in your business. We are LinkedIn advertising experts and are happy to use our knowledge of the platform to help you to accomplish your objectives.

YouTube Advertising: You are most likely aware of YouTube, the Google-owned video sharing site that has exploded in popularity in recent years. The statistics are staggering: YouTube has more than 1.5 billion users around the world. Those users live around the world and tend to be younger users. Users watch one billion hours of YouTube content per day. The platform is also great for advertisers, as the top ten ads on YouTube received 539 million views and 3.6 million Likes.

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video, you are likely aware that most YouTube ads are shown before your video begins. YouTube also offers banner ads that appear after the first ten seconds of the video. Like other social networks, YouTube lets advertisers select how they would like to advertise their content and who they would like to target. If you would like to target potential customers through a more visual medium, YouTube advertisements may be the way to go.

What to Expect

As you can see, the social media marketing experts at Mandreel can help your business find new, potential customers on these well-known social networks. If you are interested in working with us on a social media marketing campaign, you may be wondering what you can expect. As always, a case study can be helpful.

Let’s assume that you operate an internet watch store with a focus on selling your watches in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other countries in Asia. You are trying to sell your watches to a younger audience (perhaps Millennials). You decide that you want to work with Mandreel to craft an effective social media campaign.

Upon signing up with Mandreel, you will be paired up with a social media specialist who will sit down with you and understand your objectives. In that meeting, our experts will also explain how certain social media platforms may be more helpful than others. For the internet watch store, Instagram and Facebook may be better advertising options than others. Our experts will also analyze your current social media marketing strategies, understanding where you are succeeding and struggling and incorporating that data into the updated strategy.

After that meeting, our social media specialists begin designing your new social media advertising strategy. As always, communication is paramount, and our specialists consistently update our clients on their progress. We appreciate your feedback and are happy to adjust and refine the strategy in order to accomplish your goals.

Our Team

We employ specialists who are extremely passionate about social media. They have overseen many successful social media advertising campaigns and are happy to bring their experience to your objectives and needs.

Like the other services that we offer, our main objectives is the success of your campaign. We bring our experience to the table, butare happy to alter our strategy based on your unique circumstances. By emphasizing communication, we are confident that we can satisfy—and even exceed—your expectations. Social media marketing is an inherently collaborative practice, so we are focused on working with you closely throughout the experience.

How to Proceed From Here

If you are interested in learning more or working with us on a social media marketing campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can always send us an email or reach out to us via WhatsApp. Whether you are located in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, or somewhere else, we can’t wait to work with you.

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