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There are certain foundational characteristics and attributes that contribute to the success of any business. For instance, your business's name will play a large part in explaining what your business actually does. Your first hires play an important role in establishing the culture of your business. Even where you choose to incorporate your business can lead to legal and tax implications down the road. These are all weighty decisions that you and your team must take seriously.

Having said that, there is one additional choice that will significantly affect your marketing efforts. We’re talking about hiring a  logo design agency for your business.

Settling on your business’s logo may be one of the most important decisions that you and your business make. This is because of the sheer amount of information that your logo reveals about your business. Your logo tells your customers and the world who you are, the products or services that you sell, and what your business stands for. Your logo helps separate you from competitors in the same sector. It can even facilitate brand loyalty, especially if you use a recognizable and distinctive logo in your marketing efforts.

Logos are powerful and can make a massive impact on your growth and future sales. Just mention some of the most powerful brands (like Apple, Coca-Cola or Google) and images almost subconsciously occupy customers’ minds. Because of this, it is critical for your Singapore, Malaysia, or Hong Kong business to have a logo that sufficiently represents your brand and what you can offer to your customers. New and potential customers are inundated with information in the marketplace. A logo can help you stand out and make it easy for customers to recognize your company.

At Mandreel logo design agency, we are happy to help you think about and design your business’s logo. Regardless of the size or sector of your business, our experts are excited to collaborate with you to develop a great business logo.

We can’t wait to get started.

What We Can Offer You

While there are other digital marketing agencies or companies that offer logo design services, we at Mandreel are different because of our holistic approach to the logo design process. We take into account your objectives, needs, and even human psychology to dream up and design a logo that will make your brand stand out.

What does this mean in practice? Our logo design service is founded on three core practices. We follow these foundational tenants in all of our interactions with our clients. Ultimately, we have discovered that these tenants result in our best work and the most satisfied clients.

Fast Delivery: Upon signing up for a logo design package with us, we will communicate with you to determine your particular needs and requirements. Often, our clients request a certain deadline for delivery. We are happy to accommodate your deadlines and deliver excellent work within the time given. Often, providing a deadline is an excellent catalyst for the creative process, as our logo design experts are forced to think outside the box and embrace boldness within a definitive time frame.

That said, sometimes issues occur. The creative process can be complex. There may be instances where our creative team foresees that it cannot meet our clients’ deadlines. Whenever we suspect that this is possible, we immediately reach out to our clients and explain the situation. Our logo designers will contact you and discuss next steps, including the additional time needed to successfully design your logo. While fast delivery is a key tenant of our process, we will not sacrifice the quality of your logo in order to quickly deliver your design.

Revisions and Changes: If you decide to purchase a logo design package from us, you will be entitled to a number of revisions and changes—depending on the package. As always, communication is key. Our designers are happy to sit down with you and discuss what you like and don’t like in the first version of your logo. If we aren’t meeting your objectives or if there are certain details that you would take, we want you to let us know. Clear communication is critical, so don’t feel the need to hold anything back when providing comments to us.

An important caveat here: any possible revisions as part of your package are only applicable before you finalize your logo design with our designers. Unfortunately, we cannot go back and make additional changes once you agree on the final version with our team. Because of this, it is critical to share all feedback with us during the design process. If there is anything on your mind, don’t hesitate to share it with our team. We are happy to accommodate your needs, concerns, and ideas.

Completed Logo: Once we have received your feedback on any potential revisions via our agency, our logo designers will go to work. Upon finishing any applicable redesigns, our designers will send you their final product. Your logo will be delivered to you in the highest quality so that you can show off the beauty of your new design. We are also happy to accommodate you if you need the logo in a particular file format that is compatible with any software program that you are using (for instance, Adobe Photoshop).

A Case Study

To better illustrate how we can help you with your logo design needs, we would like to offer a simple case study. While this case study may or may not be applicable to your specific needs, we believe that the general experience will be applicable across all businesses that choose to work with us.

For the sake of our case study, we would like to assume that a pet care company operating in States, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong is expanding its business by introducing several new product lines. While the business primarily focused on selling food and other staples for pets, the new product lines focus on toys and accessories. Ultimately, the pet care company has branded itself around its staples business but wants to be seen as a company that customers can visit even when they don’t need to purchase staples for their pet. As part of its plan to accomplish this task, the company decides to work with us to redesign its logo.

Company representatives then meet with Mandreel’s logo design experts. Among the topics discussed include the pet company’s vision for its next logo, how they want their customers to react to the logo, and even any potential color or font changes the company’s already-existing logo. Issues that the company wouldn't have thought of by themselves are brought up and addressed by the Mandreel logo design team. Deadlines are also discussed and finalized.

After our logo experts from our in house agency are clear on the company’s objectives and expectations, the logo experts will get to work. They will keep the company apprised on their progress and will reach out with any questions that they may have. Upon completing the redesign, Mandreel’s logo experts will communicate again with the pet company, explaining the rationale behind their decisions and opening the floor to any feedback. If necessary, our logo designers go back to the drawing board and make any changes or revisions per the pet company’s instructions.

Once the pet company is satisfied with the redesign, we will finalize the logo, sending it to the pet company in any format that it desires. The pet company then takes the logo and uses it as part of its rebranding program, which ultimately leads to an influx of new customers.

Placing an Order

As we have alluded to, in order to best cater to our clients, we have created several different logo design agency packages. We invite you to choose the package that best applies to you and your needs. Once you have settled on a package, you can then click on the “contact us” button to be led to a fillable form. In that form, you will be instructed to fill out several fields that can help us understand any specific needs or requirements that you have. You will also see a custom order option. This option is applicable to you if you want any additional services like name card printing. Feel free to select it and provide as much detail as possible.

Once you submit your form, our logo designers will process your order. Once processing is complete, our logo designers will reach out to you and describe how to proceed.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our logo design work or agency packages, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can either send us an email or send us a message via WhatsApp. Whether you are located in the US, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong or somewhere else, we are looking forward to working with you.

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