KITAP Indonesia: Registration, Requiremets and Benefits

Have you known about KITAP? KITAP is a compressed form of Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap, an identity card that is most sought after by foreigners who want to live in Indonesia.

As we all know, to live in a country, we need an identity card from the government of that country. In Indonesia, foreigners can stay for an extended time after getting a Permanent Stay Permission Visa (KITAP).

Unlike the KITAS visa or Limited Stay Permission, KITAP allows the owner to stay in Indonesia for 5 years or more. Read the article below to understand more clearly about the KITAP visa.

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Get to know KITAP

The KITAP visa is the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and stress-free visa. KITAP is an identity card that you can apply for at any time if you need to stay longer in Indonesia.

Overall, KITAP will save a lot of travel time, money and can reduce your stress level. These reasons are what make KITAP the number one choice for expatriates who want to stay in Indonesia for a longer time.

KITAP is the most comprehensive visa and also the most difficult visa to obtain. In this article, we will explain different ways you can get one and we also give some useful tips that can help you save more time doing things you love and also reduce the stress because of a KITAP visa.

KITAP is permanent stay permission that allows the owners to stay in Indonesia for 5 years.

Unlike the KITAS which is an annual permit; By getting a KITAP, you don’t need to go to the immigration office or spend months processing and extending your residence permit documents every year.

What are the Benefits of KITAP?

The most obvious benefit of obtaining a KITAP visa is that you don’t need to repeatedly extend your visa every year. In addition, the KITAP visa has plenty of other advantages as well, such as:

  • You can get an Indonesian Identification Card (KTP) with a validity of five years
  • You can apply for and get a local driver’s license (SIM) with a validity of five years
  • You can use KITAP to open a bank account, credit card, or get a loan from a financial institution in Indonesia
  • You can pay for tourist tickets at local prices to tourist attractions, not tourist fees which are more expensive
  • You are allowed to enter and exit the country as you please for 2 years
  • If you want to marry an Indonesian citizen, you are entitled to co-ownership of a property built in Indonesia

Who Must Register for KITAP?

KITAP (Permanent Stay Permission) refers to a permanent residence permit in Indonesia. In accordance with the Indonesian Immigration Law (Immigration Law No. 6/2011), KITAP is a permanent residence permit with a validity of 5 years. So, you don’t need to go back and forth to the immigration office every year!

The candidates who meet the requirements to obtain a KITAP visa in Indonesia are:

  • A foreigner who is married to an Indonesian citizen, which means the expatriate must have a relationship with an Indonesian citizen
  • Foreign investors, directors, or commissioners in Indonesian companies who have issued KITAS for more than 3 years in a row from the same company with the same position
  • Indonesian citizens who wish to regain their citizenship. There may be some people who change their nationality due to work, family, or other factors. If they want to regain their residence permit in Indonesia, they must re-apply for their KITAP.

KITAP: Requirements to be Prepared

Several things need to be prepared to be able to get KITAP. Here are the requirements you need to prepare in advance so that the KITAP registration process can run well:

  • You are required to obtain a KITAS (limited stay permit) and the KITAS visa has been extended several times (6 years in total).
  • You have a sponsor or guarantee. If you get married to an Indonesian citizen, your spouse can be your sponsor.
  • You must work for the same Indonesian company in the same position for five years in a row.
  • Retirees should not have the intention to work in Indonesia, because of their age, they also have to prepare many other troublesome documents.

KITAP: Documents to be Prepared

There are also several documents that you need to prepare to be able to get KITAP easily. These documents are:

  • Passport (active for at least 18 months).
  • Sponsor or guarantor letter
  • Indonesian ID (KTP) of your sponsor or guarantor.
  • Tax Obligation Main Number (NPWP).
  • Statement letter stating that they have no intention to work in Indonesia (for retirees)
  • Work permit (IMTA) and legal documents from your sponsor company (for foreign investors).

Once the documents are complete, you can immediately submit your KITAP application. The application process will take around 3 months.

Categories of KITAP in Indonesia

Do you know there are several categories of KITAS? There are three categories of KITAS, such as the following:

  • Spouse KITAP Visa

If you get married to an Indonesian citizen, you can apply for a KITAP. However, you can’t apply for KITAP until you have been married for 2 years.

Regardless of your legal marital status which is shown through a marriage certificate, it does not mean you are automatically entitled to receive a KITAP visa or to live permanently in Indonesia.

There are two ways to get KITAP. First, after you get married, you get a spouse visa sponsored by your spouse, or you can apply for a KITAS which will be extended later as a requirement to get a KITAP.

As we mentioned earlier, however, you still have to go through this process for 2 years in a row before applying for a KITAP. So, you can live in Indonesia, as long as you extend your KITAS for the next two years. After that, you can apply for a KITAP visa.

If you have been married for 2 years or more, you can apply for KITAP after getting your spouse KITAS. So, you don’t need to extend your visa twice.

  • Retirement KITAP for Foreign Retirees

For most people, getting away from their country and retiring to a much quieter and more beautiful country is the ideal way to spend their retirement years.

The main requirement to apply for a KITAP for retirees is age. You must be over 55 years old and have been extended your retirement KITAS visa for 4 years in a row before applying.

  • KITAP For Foreign Investors and Employees

As we mentioned earlier, although KITAS is relatively convenient, the owner still has to extend it every year, which can be time-consuming and annoying having to go back and forth to the immigration office.

The good news is if you have worked in Indonesia for 4 years in a row, consistently have a Work Permit (IMTA), and held the position of Director or Commissioner for 4 years or more (in the same company); then you can apply for a KITAP.

You will be asked to provide the other supporting documents. But once all documents are submitted and processed, you can sit back, relax and spend your time focusing on the other important things in your life.

Understanding the Role of the Guarantor or Sponsor for KITAP

Similar to KITAS and other visas available in Indonesia, KITAP also requires you to have a sponsor. Sponsors can be agents of third parties that you trust and choose. For example, for a foreigner who is married to an Indonesian citizen, their sponsor is their spouse.

In many cases, the Indonesian spouse or company feels confident that they are aware of the relevant immigration rules and procedures. So, you have to make sure you meet the required deadlines and you are not late.

Moreover, note that an individual or company representative is legally responsible for you if there are accidents. If you are unsure whether to do it yourself, or your current sponsor is not credible, some organizations can assist you with all relevant visa services – including KITAP – at accurate prices and time.

However, if you decide to apply for a KITAP on your own with your spouse, you have to pay attention to the terms and documents needed and be patient because the application process will take time.

KITAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

From our explanation above, maybe some of you are still confused. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

  • How Long Does it Take for the KITAP Application to be Processed?

Can you guess how long the KITAP application process will take? The KITAP application process usually takes around three months. However, it can be shorter if the applicants apply by using the services of a legal organization.

  • Can I Work in Indonesia with a Spouse KITAP?

In accordance with Article 61 of the Immigration Law, KITAP owners sponsored by a spouse are entitled to work as an entrepreneur. However, if you start working with an Indonesian company, you will be granted a work permit and KITAP by the company.

  • What are the Benefits of KITAP?

KITAP allows you to apply for a personal credit card, bank loan, or driver’s license (SIM) with a validity of 5 years.

  • Is KITAP Visa a Mandatory?

KITAP is a better option than KITAS because you can stay in Indonesia for a long time without having to feel the hassle anymore. So, is KITAP visa a mandatory? Actually no. However, KITAP can simplify your process of living in Indonesia without having to renew your residence permit every year.

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