10 Brand Logo Design You Can Use as Inspiration 

Branding has all kinds of essentials, and if you do it right, you will be able to get the revenue you need. One of the aspects that are pivotal in branding is the logo. The logo does not have to be complicated. If you have a logo that can capture people’s attention, you will be able to give your brand the exposure and revenue they need. Thus, logos are important for brands.   

If you are in dire need of inspiration for your brand, don’t worry. We are here to offer you the inspiration you need. Take a look at these brand logos! 


Who has never seen Nike’s logo? They are famous for their swoosh logo, which is another name for Nike’s checkmark. The logo is well-known for the simple yet memorable design that can express Nike’s slogan, “just do it,” perfectly.  

Of course, the design wasn’t made instantly like that. It was made by  Carolyn Davidson during her college days, where she designed the (actually) wings of the Greek goddess of victory to express “motion.” After Nike becomes successful, she was given the stock of Nike (the amount is unknown).  

I Love New York 

Milton Glaser designed the I Love New York logo in 1977 to express his love for his hometown, and he did it splendidly.  Now, the logo is more than just a statement, as it is used everywhere. From hats, shirts, other merchandise – you can see I Love New York decorating every corner of Times Square. The design is loved by many, but it’s not without reason. The design is simple, casual, and is straightforward; it can convey the message easily, and that’s what makes the design stand out.  


The logo might have existed since 1994, but the logo is still hailed as one of the best logos there is. The logo that has won many awards is well-known for its brilliant use of white space. The designers used white space and had it surround the FedEx font. He also used the white space between the “E” and the “x” brilliantly, creating a hidden arrow between the letters. This results in a simple and straightforward logo that also stands out among other delivery logos. 

The design also changed the color of the logo. It’s no longer dim and dull but bright thanks to the combination of purple and orange it has. Thanks to the color, the logo is cleaner, brighter, and fresher compared to the old one.  

London Underground 

Do you need inspiration from a logo that has passed the test of time? If that’s the case, then London Underground is the perfect logo for you. The logo is simple. It only consists of a red circle with the word “Underground.”  The design is simple. The red circle does the job perfectly well. The color stands out, making it recognizable in the crowd, thus doing its job perfectly. The word “underground” also allows people to know what the logo is for, giving a clear and straightforward message. The logo is simple, but it also stands out and gives a clear message. Simple but memorable, which is how it should be.   

Red Cross 

Don’t underestimate the logo of the Red Cross, because it is considered as one of the best logos there is. After all, it does the job of the perfect logo. The logo is big, making it easily spotted even from far away. There is no need to worry about its color blending with the surrounding, as the red color makes it stand out even more. The logo itself is the message, as it is in the form of a cross (a cross that has equal arms length means neutrality). The symbol is simple, stands out, efficient, and does the job perfectly. That can be better than this? 


Apple’s bitten apple logo is pretty unique, as it wasn’t meant to start like that. The reason why the apple is bitten is that the designer wanted to create a “pun,” as bite is close enough with the word “bit,” which is a technological term in the computer world. Moreover, the apple  literally represents the brand. After all, the brand is an apple.  Why not have an apple literally represent Apple? 

Thankfully, everything ended up perfect. The logo is perfect because it can be easily recognized among other logos. The bitten part of the apple gives a unique impression. Moreover, the logo has a premium appearance thanks to its polished color. The logo is the perfect example of “there is perfection in imperfection.” 


Many have mixed feelings when it comes to Amazon, but we are sure everybody will say the same thing when it comes to its logo – genius. Although the logo consists of two elements – the “Amazon” word and the arrow – the logo gives thousands of messages. Two things are for sure though. First, the arrow gives the appearance of a smile, giving an impression of friendly service. Second, the location of the arrow shows that the website can ship all kinds of needs from A to Z to all kinds of destinations, from A to Z too. All these messages, just from an arrow. 


McDonald’s logo works not only because of its unique golden arches but also because of its colors. The combination of bright red and yellow make the logo visible even from far away, making it easy for people (especially the hungry ones) to spot it. It might sound simple, but color plays a big role especially when there are lots of competitors out there.  

Create your logo now! 

From the famous logos listed, we can see that several elements play pivotal roles in creating the perfect logo. Those elements are colors, distinguishable appearance, and its ability to stand out among others. If you can combine the said elements for your product, you will be able to create a logo that can make your product pops out. What are you waiting for? Create your logo now!