What Distinguishes a Good PR Agency? 

Anyone looking for professional and reliable PR advice in the United States is first spoiled for choices. It is not always easy to distinguish serious from dubious providers. So, what are the characteristics of good PR work?  

What Are PR Basics? 

Good PR work naturally builds on the industry’s established know-how. What should be taken for granted does not apply to a large number of PR agencies.  

Since PR consultants are not a state-protected term, even inexperienced lateral entrants and start-ups can use this name without the necessary basic knowledge. To be able to achieve promising PR successes, however, PR tools are essential.  

How is a press release structured? How does a journalist’s contact work optimally? And with which topics do I approach which media? Industry knowledge and many years of experience are essential in PR and help to implement individual strategies effectively. 

Classic PR and Beyond 

The main focus of activity is generally equated with media and press work. In the classical sense, that is not wrong either. Nowadays, however, there is even more to professional PR work.  

Various channels are available to implement communication strategies with the desired effect. In addition to press work, you can also use social media, and your web presence, for example, can be used to reach the respective target group.  

Therefore, it is essential to set the goals in advance and use them to illuminate and combine the individual possibilities. The boundaries to marketing in modern communication and PR work are no longer so sharply drawn. 

Personal Contacts 

Presswork continues to play a large part in the PR strategy. Good journalist and media contacts are therefore essential.  

A well-maintained database is crucial for fruitful PR work – and reputable agencies know that. Personal contacts are not only important with the individual media but also the relationship with the customer. The standard, regular exchange ensures that individual strategies can be flexibly and dynamically adapted and realigned.  

If you do not have a personal contact person or if you do not receive any impulses from the agency, it is much more challenging to reach your target group according to your wishes. 

Trust and Honest Advice 

In many areas, trust is a fundamental foundation – and PR work is no different. If you have the feeling that you cannot trust your PR advisor or that he is working with methods that do not seem very promising for your goals, this can damage your entire strategy or possibly your image. Honest advice is the top priority for reputable agencies. In the long history of incognito, the trusting relationship and the direct feedback culture with our customers have played a significant role ever since. We not only work for you but also with you on your individual goals. 

Sales-Heavy Agencies? No Thanks! 

PR consultants are also salespeople to a large extent. They develop stories and offer them to the media or the public.  

You want to persuade and try to spread various topics as widely as possible. What a professional PR agency does not mean for us, however, is to force all possible services on the customer.  

Every company, every product, and every person needs an individual communication strategy determined in a joint discussion. Excellent and reliable PR agency gives the customer an honest opinion and advises personal strategies and extras if they are not effective.