10 Graphic Design Trend Predictions in 2021 Every Designer Should Watch 

Every year the world of graphic design always comes up with new trend predictions. Although it might not be accurate, the trend prediction is a great way for us to see where the trend will be heading this year. And for us who are in the world of graphic design, we must know the trend, as they can play a big role in our works.  

If you need 10 graphic design trend predictions, we are here to give you the said predictions.

1. Nature

Nature-related design started to get into the trend at the end of 2020. We can see it from the way products use simple muted colors and the products’ natural ingredients as their design (such as pictures of coconut and lemon).  

The trend does make sense, seeing how many people’s lifestyles are striving toward nature. Many are starting their earth-friendly lifestyle, and one of the ways to do it is by using chemical-free and nature-friendly products. As designers, we are obligated to follow the trend and make sure our works present the natural message the product would like to show to its customers. 

2. Muted colors

Have you ever seen colors that are not too bright but not too dark either? Have you ever seen colors that do not shine, and yet they look comforting? If you have seen those, then you have seen muted colors. Muted colors are colors that do not appear bright nor vivid. They give the impression of “matte” color, and yet they are not matte either thanks to the low saturation they have. Examples of muted colors are raw umber and burnt sienna. 

Muted colors have lots of benefits. They are known for their nostalgic ambiance and the sense of security they give. Moreover, they are comfortable to the eyes. Due to the perks muted colors offer, it is no surprise that many brands, especially wellness brands, are starting to use muted colors for their design. 

3. Sustainable design

Although sustainable design has been around since 2019 and 2020, it is starting to get used more often this year as people are aiming toward healthier and more Earth-friendly lifestyles. Sustainable design is related to nature, as the sustainable design is meant to show the customers that you are striving for Earth-friendly products. So you will not only get design templates that will show nature but sometimes the packaging will also be earth-friendly.

4. Classical font

If you ever see designs used by financial companies or government buildings, You will see a similar font for their design. Those fonts are no other than classical fonts. They are used thanks to the design that is considered safe for all occasions, both formal and casual ones. 

Although classical fonts ” disappear ” for quite some time, They have made their comeback last year and are starting to be used again by designers. However, they are commonly used for minimalist design. Now, classical fonts are typically used as the writing on minimalist painting, product, 

5. 3D design

The 3D design is another design concept that has been on trend several years before. However, it seems that they will stay this year, as the 3D design is getting more and more well-known. The 3D design is getting the spotlight, as there are more demands of 3D design among graphic designers. The demand is not without reason, as the 3D design is related to other technical matters such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. 

6. Emoji

At first glance, emoji might look simple. After all, it is just a circle in the color yellow decorated with some expressions. what can be simpler than that? 

However, you should not underestimate the power of emojis. Its simplicity is its appeal. There can be nothing better than a minimalistic and Slick design that can deliver vibrant colors and emotion all at once. So, do not underestimate the power of emojis.  

Although emoji never fails to pull its appeal perfectly, it should be noted that we should always use it thoughtfully. Even if the Emoji is appealing, if it is not combined with a matching color or template, it will not work.  

7. Animated logo

Animated logo is a common occurrence for brands related to gaming and technology. However, brands outside the two niches are starting to realize the potential animated logos offer. After all, animated logos can be attractive and dynamic if they are done right. So don’t be surprised if there will be more animated logos in 2021.

8. Simple shapes for grandeur design

Simple shapes are not complex, but if they are combined strategically, they can create a great design that shows little hint of simplicity. Take a look at this Tetris puzzle-shaped building. The building’s design has no complex shape, but they are done in such a way that it appears complex and grandeur. 

9. Technique combination

Graphic designers are getting more and more creative nowadays, and it seems we will be getting to see their creativity through technique combination this year. Technique combination is the term where the designer would use different styles and techniques for his work. For example, we can combine 3D and 2D techniques to build a mood that is different from the rest. Technique combination is perfect for those who want something new in their animation works.

10. Animated lines

Animated lines might look plain and simple, but that’s where it stands out. Their simplicity allows the audience to focus on the animation properly. Such design is perfect for employee training, human resource, PR, or other events where the audience would need to focus on the knowledge that is offered. 

These are only some of the trends for this year’s prediction. There are many more trends that we have yet to discuss, from animation trends to font trends. Now, all we need to do is to see if the predictions will be true or not. Which one do you think will survive this year’s trend prediction? Is there any prediction that happens to be your favorite?