10 Instagram Accounts You Must Visit for Logo Inspiration 

Inspiration is not something that can be gotten easily, and it is normal for us to get stuck once in a while. When such an occasion happens, it is never a bad idea for us to find inspiration in other places, such as Instagram accounts. If you need a blog to run for logo inspiration, do not worry, since we will list them for you.

1. @logos.ai

@logos.ai is one of the well-known Instagram accounts that never fail to keep their followers updated when it comes to logo designing. The profile would upload four logo designs every day to its more than five hundred followers.  

The designs are submissions from all over the world from other designers. Do not worry about credits, as they always credit the original designer. The submission would come with an explanation of the logo, giving us the audience insight or history of the logo. Sometimes it would give us tips and tricks regarding logo designing, too!

2. @logoplace

Just like @logos.ai, @logoplace shares logo designs from other designers all over the world, and they do not “discriminate.” All kinds of logos are there, from the typography logo to the complex animated logo. The variety on their profile makes them perfect for us who require inspiration on all kinds of logo design.  

If you feel like donating to them, you can always drop a coin or two on their Buy Me a Coffee website. Or if you are an aspiring designer, you can also promote yourself by contacting them.

3. @logopassion

Although @logopassion has fewer followers compared to @logos.ai and @logoplace, @logopassion functions perfectly well just like the other two. besides offering logo designs for inspiration, they also provide behind the scene pictures, allowing us to see the process of the logo design.  

Besides logos, @logopassion also uploads pictures of icons and unique typography, two elements that are commonly used for logos.

4. @pentagramdesign

 Who doesn’t know Pentagram? Pentagram is one of the famous and respected graphic design agencies in the world. And of course, they also have an Instagram account that is as well-known as the company itself (their Instagram account has at least eight hundred thousand followers).  

Pentagram’s Instagram has all sorts of designs, and logo design is one of them. If you scroll at their uploads, you will see one logo design or two hiding among other designs. Finding them might not be easy, but they are worth it to look at. 

If you are lost, then you can always opt on their highlight. Pentagram divides its highlights based on their projects, so you can check the project you want to see easily there.

5. @thedieline

Some of us might feel confused if we look at thedieline’s profile description. After all, thedieline is a packaging profile – they focus on packaging, not logo design. Then why are they on this list? 

Thedieline is here for no other reason than its designing style. Thedieline is known for its colorful design, where the colors would pop and give a vibrant feeling. You can find inspiration for the color combination of your logo through their Instagram profile.

6. @logoarchive

We love unique and grandeur logo designs, but we love basic designs even more. If you need a basic logo design, then logoarchive is your number one choice. The Instagram profile with more than one hundred thousand followers is known for its black and white logo design that usually comes in the form of symbols. There are logo designs in other colors, but they all stick to their famous black background. The content of their Instagram profile makes them perfect for those who require a push when it comes to symbols and lines.

7. @logolemon

Logolemon is a graphic design Instagram profile that is known for embracing modernity well. Their Instagram profile is decked with a unique modern design that is also considered out of the box and daring. Of course, let’s not forget the occasional meme they would post, giving us their audience a sense of relief and relaxation. It is a profile you would not want to miss at all.

8. @thebrandingcollective

Need branding inspiration? Then thebrandingcollective is the Instagram profile you must visit. The profile boasts all kinds of designs related to branding. From packaging to product design, everything is in there. Of course, logo design is also included in their profile.  

Thebrandingcollective is also known for its modern and sometimes minimalistic design, and they are not afraid to do the most daring color combination. No matter the style of the designs, they only have one goal, which is to give their clients the brand identities they need. And based on the designs they uploaded, they can do their goal perfectly well.

9. @logodesignersclub

Just like its name stated, logodesignersclub is a club or community that is made of top logo designers in the world. Just like the other profiles mentioned above, they regularly upload logo design submissions at least three times a day. Their uploads are always accompanied by the designer’s name and sometimes the explanation of the logo. 

Besides logo design, logodesignersclub sometimes would also create a giveaway or competition for the community, they also provide much designing class that will hone your logo designing skill, giving you the experience you need.

10. @logobooks_

Have you ever seen a unique logo printed on a book? If you have, then there is a big chance that the logo is also uploaded on logobooks_. Most of their uploads are in black and white and also printed. It is perfect if you need a “traditional” inspiration that is also extraordinary at the same time! 


It is never a bad idea to seek inspiration from other sources. The Instagram profiles mentioned above are only a few of the places you can visit in case you need a little push for your logo design. Is your favorite Instagram logo profile written here, or do you have your own favorite Instagram profile?