10 Tools to Create a Webinar 

The webinar is a powerful marketing tool to promote your business. These online conferences have completely removed the geographic barriers between you and your prospects, allowing you to offer your expertise to several people around the world! 

You can now organize trainings from your desktop and easily interact with participants. 

If you’re planning to create a webinar with your contacts, here are 10 tools to help you organize online conferences effectively. 

1. Free Toolsto Create a Webinar

Let’s start with 7 free tools to conduct your online conferences. 


Webikeo allows you to create a landing page in just a few clicks to announce your webinar and then provides you with a virtual room. It’s easy to communicate about the launch of your conference and collect registrations. Automatic reminders are even sent by email to registrants, until D-Day. The tool also provides you with registration statistics and allows you to export participant email addresses for later use. 

Jitsi Meet

New tool to make webinars, Jitsi Meet is a 100% free and open-source. You can invite as many participants as you want, share your screen and documents, edit documents live, all in complete safety. 

Google Hangouts

Integrated with Google Plus, Hangouts allows video conferencing between 10 participants maximum. All you need is a Google account and people can integrate your webinar simply using their Gmail address. In addition, during the conference, you can use external applications, such as Google Drive, to share written or visual material. 


This tool has a 30-day trial version to test your first webinar. You can then invite up to several hundred participants to your online conference, share your screen in real time for a live demonstration (ideal for training in the use of a tool) and have an accurate analysis of the success of your webinar. 


Fuze is an intuitive tool offering many solutions for companies, including the implementation of webinars. It helps you organize user-friendly and personalized sessions since the number of participants is limited to 3 in its free version. 


The originality of Join.me is that it is accessible without prior registration. A bit like a live stream, you just need to join a URL to attend the conference. You can easily customize the background of your webinar, choose the audio quality or even perform a screen share. This tool is therefore more suitable for online demonstrations than for conferences that call for interactivity and discussion. 


UberConference will allow you to organize a free webinar for up to 10 participants. With an easy-to-use interface, you will find basic features such as screen sharing, but you can also add a little background music while waiting for participants. 

2. Premium tools to create a webinar

Now let’s have a look at others more complete, but paid webinar tools. 


With Livestorm you will be able to offer surveys in real time, access the public and private questions of your participants, pre-record your webinar and co-host it. Many other features are available allowing you to host a professional-quality webinar from start to finish, accommodating up to 500 participants depending on the subscription chosen. 


JetWebinar promises you a high-quality webinar with no video lag and for which you can customize your template as well as your emails. The subscriptions offered will allow you to bring together between 100 and 2000 participants for your webinar. 


If you want to pre-record your webinar and broadcast it automatically, then Webinato is the tool for you. You will of course be able to do your webinar live and take advantage of the many features offered. With Webinato, you will be able to gather up to 1000 participants for your webinar.