2021 Influencer Marketing; What You Need to Know as a Marketer

As we know it now, the world is not what it used to be twenty to thirty years ago, most especially in the last decade. A lot has changed, and these changes have made us seek out different ways of doing things, mainly how we earn. 

One of the unique ways you can earn a very decent sum is being an influencer marketer. Do you wonder what that is? Here you are; 

Influencer marketers or just influencers as they are people or brand who has a strong influence on a particular brand industry or the target audience of a brand. These brands leverage the influence of the individual or brand for an increase in sales. It is a strategy called “influencer marketing,” and the internet plays a significant role in this strategy.  

The influencer marketing industry continues to expand thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing many to look for an alternative means of income. However, as no venture thrives without a constant information/knowledge update, here below are some things marketers need to know about influencer marketing in 2021; 

  1. Importance of E-commerce; E-commerce is the online buying and selling of products. It is, as a result of the pandemic lockdown, has hit a record high. As an Influencer marketer, you can leverage this using your platforms and expertise with strategic campaigns to capitalize on opportunities presented by e-commerce to connect buyers and sellers.
  2. Make Video a Priority; the surge of online video platforms, its increasing subscribers, and usage creates opportunities for you as an influencer marketer. Taking advantage of these various video platforms like Instagram reel, Tik Tok, and Triller will boost your brand and reach more audiences.
  3. Outside the box; New niches are emerging increasingly, and as a marketer, you should think outside the box and get creative to identify industries not yet saturated and which may not relate with what you already but share the same target audience.
  4. InvolvingESports; This is an emerging platform with increasing passionately active followers. This is using video games as a form of sport competition. The good about this massively growing industry is that your brand does not have to be part of theEsport industry to take advantage of this sector’s opportunities. You can find a way to connect to this industry by providing a product that is a natural fit for the followers in Esports, which are gamers. A properly researched and strategically planned partnership should help with a successful campaign. 
  5. CGI Influencers; Many are going the CGI way mainly because of the ability to control messaging completely. This is as a result of not going off-message at any point, thereby causing less damage to the brand. Although CGI demands a lot of money and resources, if you’ve got both, why not give it a try.

In conclusion, as an influencer marketer, you must find a way to evolve with the times if you want to make the best of influencer marketing.