4 Essential Rules to Partner Up with An Influencer

When it comes to influencer marketing, choosing the right influencer can be essential, because it is not only about choosing a popular individual to promote your brand, but it is also about working with a professional partner.

Before working with your chosen influencer, you have to consider the legal issues that may come between you and your partner. It is critical to get things clear on the partnership contract because not all influencers know well about this. Hence, here are 4 important rules to set in it.

4 Essential Rules in Influencer Marketing

1. Clear Expectations

You need to set clear expectations for the work you are going to do with your influencers, so they know exactly their part in creating the content and the details about it, like captions, hashtags, video’s length and format, and keywords of the message you want them to deliver.

If you ask them to create the content, make sure you can get the draft before it gets posted and request revision if it is necessary. The right you have in getting the content approved before it is posted will give you a chance to check all of the content parts.

2. Specific Guidelines

The other detail you need to consider in the contract with an influencer is exclusivity. Determine specific guidelines regarding this matter.

When the influencers endorse your products or services, they can be considered as your brand’s representative. It means that they are a part of the brand’s face. This is why exclusivity is very important.

Do you allow your influencer to give their service to other brands or not? Is it alright for them to mention your competitor? Or anything like that. Ensure them to get a clear restriction about what they can do and can’t do.

3. Content Copyright

Copyright is the most common issue that comes up when creating something. So, you have to set the regulation regarding the license of using the content on the contract.

Determine who is going to own the content, how the content is supposed to be used, and where the content can be published on. You may be the campaign creator, but your influencer is the user that can be the first one to post the content. Therefore, you have to have crystal clear rules about this sensitive matter.

4. Mutual Agreement

You have to be fair in contracting someone to work with you, because although you are considered as the one who gives the opportunity, yet you also need them to reach success in your campaign.

Negotiate the things that are flexible, but set some inviolable rules as well. The flexibility means to create mutual work-relation, and inviolability means to set clear limitations in certain parts of the campaign.

Don’t forget to make sure that the influencer understands the rules well. Don’t hesitate to give them more explanation if that is necessary.

Once the agreement is set, ensure both you and your partner understand all the points made and stick to them. It can help both parties to avoid any unwanted thing that might happen in the future.