5 Brands That Used Influencer Marketing and Succeeded 

Social media has become essential for brands, which is why influencer marketing today is more relevant than ever. But like everything else, there are always some who stand out more than others. 

Some brands and companies have stood out in their campaigns using influencers, so much so that they have obtained millionaire profits. Therefore, below we show you 5 of these brands that have been successful with this kind of marketing strategy. 

Bigelow Tea

This highly known brand caught the attention of its consumers using a special strategy. They found they could reach customers by connecting with them through bloggers and lifestyle influencers, doing influencer marketing. 

The fan base of these influencers had already generated empathy and trust with them, so any recommendation would be widely accepted by the fans. With personalities like Ashley Thurman promoting Bigelow with recipes, the brand increased its sales by 18%, positioning itself between the Millennial and Gen Z population. 


The influencer potential is perfectly exemplified by this brand since it is even considered a cult beauty brand. And the great thing about Glossier is that 90% of their marketing is not paid, but solely from influencer marketing. 

That iright; this company saves millions by providing free samples and launch products to thousands of influencers, with the commitment that they provide their opinions and promotions. So the products organically attract the attention of consumers. 


Since its inception as a chickpea pasta company, this brand has spread through influencer marketing; just starting with its founder asking journalists and influencers if they could test his product. 

But it was not only that, because the product was promoted as a lower carbohydrate and higher protein alternative to ordinary pasta. This was something that charmed fitness influencers and quickly made them climb with recommendations, so not only do you need the strategy but also a good product. 


Another sample exemplifies an innovative product and strong strategies are all that a brand needs to stand out. HiSmile was born providing an inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative to an aesthetic and health need: teeth whitening. 

So they focused their strategy on sending their product to influencers, and they loved it enormously. Soon, young people from all walks of life were ordering their own teeth whitening kits at home. 


This is the largest e-commerce site in the world, with 2 billion dollars in revenue per year on average. But they were not always at the top, as they relied on influencer marketing to effectively reach their target audience. 

They focused on people interested in fashion in their 20s, creating partnerships with influencers with these characteristics. Therefore, they encouraged the audience to purchase their products naturally and organically. 

These are all success stories of influencer marketing, but the truth is there are hundreds of other tests that exemplify this are the most profitable business strategy. So, we recommend a lot giving your business a chance, making use to the influence of internet personalities.