5 Common Mistakes Video Editors Make

Making a video can be intimidating, and there will undoubtedly be mistakes made along the way. However, several errors can be resolved with a few quick tweaks in post-production editing. Do not be afraid of making errors because some of the best modern video editing methods have also resulted from them. The following are some famous video-editing errors that most people are unaware of; 

 1. Inconsistent Audio

There will typically include two to three audio elements on your timeline. Sound clips, audio, and speech: The first approach you should consider is turning off the audio from the original video if you don’t need it. Complete novice editors’ song tracks frequently overshadow their other tracks. Therefore, make sure the music complements the vocal range or lies below it. Pay very close attention to the sounds in your final edit.

2. Jumpcut Method

Every particular story has its time and place, and the jump cut is a tried-and-true way to achieve the purpose of editing, which is to compress time. Jump cuts have been used to save time and move the plot forward; thus, beginners often overwhelm this method since they are unaware of what other cuts to use. It’s particularly noticeable when you miss a small frame and cut time out from the same frame, giving the impression that the character has magically shifted into a different place within the same scene.

3. Transitions That Are Not Complete

When the duration of your transition is greater than that of the previous shot, you’ve made a video editing error. When an editor places a switch among two clips, it’s common for a few clips to be too short. The preceding clip fades out between the transitions, and the audience is treated to a black screen.

4. The Music Isn’t Appropriate

If you’ve ever seen a video of slow music but fast-moving footage, or the other way around, you will understand how boring it is? Music with a fast pace and high energy should accompany simple cutting strategies and camera motion. Nothing is more depressing than watching a sad emotional scene while listening to John – Pleased in the background. When you’re about to edit your clip, make sure you’ve thought out the scenes such that the music selections match the mood of the scenes. 

 5. Getting Rid of Sensitive Data

Assume you’re using screen recordings to teach or prepare new workers. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s possible to record private information in your screen recording unintentionally. Some major video production software allows you to create an area blurred in your video to hide the detail better. 

Because you’re just looking to start with video editing, these tips should show you what to do to avoid prevalent editing problems and make your final product look so much more polished. The aim of your editing is often to tell your brilliant story, which may necessitate breaking some industry rules to make your piece more innovative. These five ideas are solely intended to make your video appear more professional. As you might know, getting started is the most challenging part.