5 Influencers Awards Winners and How Marketing Is Involved 

Like everything involved in the entertainment industry, the influencer’s awards do not wait. So below we present you some winners of the Cosmo Influencer Award and the American Influencer Awards of 2020, as well as how they affect influencer marketing.

1. Sarah Langa

This personality was awarded Best Style Influencer at the Cosmo Influencer Award, and she is no ordinary blogger. Since she has been mainly involved in entrepreneurship, also she is the founder and director of SLM Investment Group and owner of Levant’s online store. 

Likewise, her image has influences on South African and New York fashion. So it is clear that brands focus on her style and her impressive entrepreneurial skills in influencer marketing.

2. Amanda Cerny

As the winner of Lifestyle Influencer of the Year at the American Influencer Awards, Amanda is no longer just a former Playboy Bunny and Vine trend; because she now has more than 25 million followers on Instagram, and quite a personality in the world of physical training. 

She is also known for being the founder of the Play Foundation, an organization focused on vulnerable children. So she is an image for personal care and empathy towards those most in need.

3. Kefilwe Mabote

Winner of the title of Best Lifestyle Influencer of the Cosmo Influencer Award, this image consultant has a great career thanks to her entrepreneurial skills. Her content has also won awards such as the Digital Media Influencer Award for three years in a row, so she is quite an eminence in the media. 

She is mainly focused on luxury content, so brands like Gucci, Channel, and Armani are just some of those that we can find in her catalog as ambassador. So, when it comes to the social representation of luxury, she is one of the most sought-after in influencer marketing.

4. Gabrielle Alexis

When it comes to beauty, this celebrity and professional makeup artist has a huge fanbase on Instagram. Her content is based on radical transformation and modeling selfies, which has earned her the title of Creative Makeup Artist of the Year. 

Therefore, the reviews and tutorials of this artist are highly reliable for her audience, something taken into account in influencer marketing.

5. Kahh Spence

This professional stylist became famous for including personalities like Cardi B and Kehlani on his list. But he earned the title of Emerging Hair Stylist of the Year from the American Influencer Awards thanks to his service as an OGX Beauty brand ambassador and his work on his Instagram. 

How does this affect influencer marketing?

These awards are not very relevant when it comes to calling new followers for influencers; rather, it helps them to consolidate their current positions as personalities. But these titles are effective in attracting the attention of collaborating brands. 

Therefore, it is a smart move of influencer marketing to be aware of the most prominent of these awards; something that you must take into account when establishing a campaign of this type.