5 Reasons To Invest Your Time Instagram Marketing 

Over 200 million Instagram users view firms’ profiles daily. Given that the average user spends more than 50 minutes a day on the website, Instagram marketing has a huge potential scope. The social media platform has the highest engagement rates out of all platforms, which is why more and more businesses across the globe make use of it to enhance their sales. Many marketing agencies like the digital marketing agency are also using this platform for advertising and marketing.  

Here are five reasons why you should put effort and money into Instagram marketing to effectively develop your business 

1. Instagram has a large fanbase

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has evolved to become one of the world’s most famous social media platforms. It has over a billion monthly users, with the majority of them logging on a daily basis. 

What matters to your business is how many of these people you can attract with your advertisements. Because of the large number of users, you can find, Instagram can be beneficial to you.

2. It Assists You in Staying Sensitive to Customers and Competitors

Instagram is a great place to keep track of your competitors and customer base. You get a real-time rundown on what everyone is up to. Maintaining a perception of the market is extremely significant so you can recognize when and how consumer preferences shift.

3. Instagram Is a Cheap Alternative Compared to other Social Media Platforms

Unlike several other marketing choices, using Instagram to execute your online marketing strategies is very cost-effective.  

With a 1.6 percent average engagement rate compared to Facebook’s 0.09 percent, Instagram has one of the highest returns on investment in social media. You can easily reach a conversion rate of 5% or higher, with results visible a few months after a successful campaign. 

4. It Helps in the Development of Trust

Customers returning time and time again is the only way to ensure that the company is sustainable. To do so, you must connect with them on a personal level and persuade them that your brand truly cares about them. 

Instagram is the only site where you can do so for a fair price. You can ensure complete satisfaction by uploading original content, responding to customer posts and comments, and listening to criticism.

5. Instagram Helps in Driving More Traffic Towards Your Website

Customers who come across your brand will want to learn more about what you are selling and what your business is all about, so Instagram drives more traffic to your website. This means you have the opportunity to inspire them, share your stories. 

The majority of Instagram users discover new brands on the site and this platform offers valuable website traffic with a ten times higher interaction rate than Facebook. 


Instagram is rapidly becoming a popular social media network around the world. These five reasons demonstrate why you should devote time and resources to Instagram marketing. The summary of it all is that if you want to expand your company in this modern digital world, you must be open to new possibilities, and Instagram is one of the best places to be.