5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Is the Right Trend We Should Use 

Social media plays a big role in purchasing power and marketing. Believe it or not, there are at least 3.5 billion users who are active on social media, and they tend to purchase items they see on social media.  

Since social media plays a big role in marketing, marketing agencies are now looking for ways to utilize social media without spending too much money on it. One of the ways to utilize it is by using influencer marketing. In this article, we will give 5 reasons why we should use influencer marketing. 

What is influencer marketing? 

As stated above, influencer marketing is a marketing strategy where we use influencers to promote our brand, product, or service. The influencer exposes the brand to the targeted market through several strategies such as normal social media posts (such as Instagram posts), giveaways, vouchers, and many more.  

Benefits of influencer marketing 

Some might think that influencer marketing is not effective. Contrary to their beliefs, influencer marketing plays can be a hit if they are done properly. Here are some reasons why influencer marketing is the perfect strategy for marketing now. 

1. Close to fans

What makes influencers great is the relationship they have with their fans. Thanks to social media, they are able to converse with fans directly, whether it’s through comments or video calls. The two-way conversation the influencer has with his fans will make the bond between the two parties become strong. 

2. Trustworthy

Another perk of influencers is the trust the fans have in them.  

If you notice, there are many people who tend to listen to certain influencers’ recommendations. The blind faith is not without reason, of course. Some influencers tend to give an unbiased review on products, and the reviews might seem harsh on some brands.  

However, such a review is what people are searching for. People are searching for honest reviews that will give them the pros and the cons of the products. Such a review will help people to weigh on the product, whether they will purchase the product or not. 

Some influencers also know the weight of their words. So don’t be surprised if there are straightforward influencers who might sound “mean.” Those influencers are the ones people seek, and they’re the ones you should hire for promoting your product.      

3. High engagement rate

Engagement rates play a pivotal role in social media marketing. The higher the engagement rate is, the higher the chance for the sponsored posts to appear on the advertisement section of social media. That is why marketing departments always pay attention to an influencer’s engagement rate. 

Thankfully, influencers will not need to worry about the engagement rate. After all, the close relationship between influencers and their fans boosts engagement rates. The engagement rate is gained by the number of posts, likes, and shares of the post. So the more the influencer engages with the fans, the higher the engagement rate will be.  

Influencers will also have their own networks where they would help each other by commenting on each other’s posts. While it’s not the best trick, it is also a great way to boost the engagement rate and make the post more noticeable. After all, fans tend to go happy when their favorite influencer interacts with another influencer.

4. Save money

Believe it or not, but hiring influencers will save you tons of money. According to Lyfe, the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) on social media is way lower compared to television advertisements and email. The CPM for television advertisement and email ranges from $28 to $57 per view. Compared to social media’s CPM, which is as log as $2.50 per view, the gap is between the advertisement media are too huge. By using influencers, you will get great exposure with a high engagement rate, and there is no need to pay a huge amount of money for it. 

5. More authentic and specialized

Another reason why influencers are great is the fact that they are more authentic ad specialized. For example, there is an influencer that focuses on a healthy lifestyle for his social media niche. The influencer will mostly post on topics related to his niche. Such a strategy will bring people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle on their social media, creating a group of people with the same interest.  Of course, talking about a certain niche will create an impression that the influencer is a “guru” of the said niche, making his voice more authentic compared to others who are not specialized in a healthy lifestyle. 

The phenomenon above sounds simple, but it will help us in regard to marketing. Such phenomena will help us find our targeted market indirectly. All we need is to pick the right influencer that can relate to our brand/service/product. Pretty simple, isn’t it? 

How to Pick the Right Influencer 

Seeing the perks of hiring influencers, it is important for us to hire the proper influencer for our brand. Here are some steps you can do to hire them:

1. Get an influencer most suitable for your needs

There are gazillion influencers out there, and it might take time to get the best influencer. However, screening is necessary to get the most out of this strategy. First, start from the niche. Pick an influencer with a niche that suits your brand. If you target a specific region, get an influencer from the said region to boosts the influence around that area.

2. Discuss the collaboration that benefits both parties

There are many kinds of collaboration you can do with an influencer. The most common collaborations are brand ambassador, giveaway, user-generated content, product review, or discount/coupon. Get the one that benefits both you and the influencer.

3. Write the details in the contract

Once everything is settled, write the details in the contract. Review the contract together so that both parties are satisfied with it. 

Hire an influencer now! 

There are lots of benefits you can gain from hiring an influencer. From getting new market, expanding your brand’s name, and many more – all come with a price that will not empty your wallet. So don’t be afraid and hire an influencer now!