5 Reasons Why YouTube is the Best Marketing Channel for Business

If you don’t know a certain topic or how to do a specific action, what would you do? We are sure that most of us would either look it up on Google on YouTube. Yes, YouTube is a beloved video channel that is visited by millions of people every day. The tutorial video is not the only topic people search for, of course. There are many topics people search on YouTube, from games to cooking instructions. Of course, the number of topics and visitors YouTube has made it one of the best marketing channels for business. If you are still not convinced, here are reasons why you should use YouTube as a marketing channel.

1. People love video

The amount of viewers YouTube has is no joke. YouTube has 1.8 billion visitors per month, and that’s only in 2018. The amount is actually doubled up the last reaching, getting as much as 2.1 billion.

The amount of YouTube visitors is not without reason. After all, YouTube has one of the things people love nowadays – videos. With the amount of online free videos available with just a click, YouTube gives the entertainment people seek. Hence, the high number of viewers on YouTube.

2. The audience you need is on YouTube

The second topic is related to the first one. As stated before, everybody is on YouTube. This is a good opportunity for us who are searching for a good marketing channel since it means that the people we need are actually on YouTube.

Let’s use shoe cleaner as an example. There are actually people who look upon “how to clean shoes.” Those people are the people we seek for. So in our advertisement setting, we can narrow down the search option and make sure that the advertisement will target those who are searching for topics related to shoes and cleaning shoes. If we do it right, then our advertisement will appear on how it’s supposed to be.

Besides marketing, we can also hire YouTube influencers. In fact, many agencies have hired YouTube influencers for a collaboration. As a brand, here are some of the collaborations you can do with YouTube influencers:

a. Giveaway

A giveaway is probably the easiest collaboration you can do with a YouTuber. All you will need to do is work out the terms between the two sides and offer the YouTuber some products that can be given out for free.

A giveaway is a great option for brands who would like to do some real-life product surveys. Let’s use the common “buy one get one drink” free giveaway. This giveaway is perfect for us to find out which drink is preferred the most by the said people. Then, the brand can optimize the drink that was ordered the most thanks to the promotion.

B. Coupon or discount

According to Statista, 93% percent of consumers would actually find opportunities to get discounts and free shipping. It’s not a surprise, considering we would save lots of money by doing so. However, having a discount or coupon only is not effective. We need to get the word out regarding the said promotion.

This is where YouTube influencers come into play. They can slip in our product’s discount between segments of their videos or even promote them as soon as the video starts. How the promotion is announced can be discussed between the two sides; what matters is that the discount would get exposure, and the brand will have more recognition.

C. Product review

Product review is the most common way we can promote our product or service. Don’t be fooled by the word “common,” because it is actually one of the most-searched topics on YouTube. Yes, people would flock over to YouTube and see the product review of their favorite influencer. They want to see how the product works, its pros and cons, and many more. That is why product review is the most common collaboration – because it actually works.

When you are hiring a YouTube influencer for a product review, it’s best to hire an influencer that’s according to your niche. If you are trying to sell a shoe cleaner, it’s best to hire an influencer that focuses on shoes. Hiring the influencer that’s according to your niche will boost the brand’s name, as you are hiring an “expert” or someone who is well-known for the said topic, giving him more credibility.

If you approach the market using the right strategies, the audience will come to your brand and purchase it. So, make sure that you do thorough research on the audience and the options to use YouTube, as they play a big role in getting the audience you need.

3. Video gives higher engagement

According to the survey, at least 72% of customers prefer to watch a product review rather than reading it. Besides preference, videos also generate more shares rather than text. Using a video can generate 1200% more share than you do if you use text. Seeing how videos can generate the engagement we need, no wonder YouTube is being used more and more as a marketing channel!

4. People seek what they need on YouTube

This topic has been stated before. People tend to search for things on YouTube. It is no other because of the ease of use YouTube gives us. Thanks to YouTube, we can get new knowledge just by watching a video and listening to the audience. The visual also allows them to see the real preview of what they are looking for, hence why people go to YouTube.

5. Creating a channel YouTube is free and easy

YouTube creators’ channels might look fancy and nice, giving the impression that it’s hard to create a channel. Believe it or not, creating a channel is actually easy. Creating a channel is free, and you will only need the right banner to make it look aesthetic. Once you have your videos, you can also arrange the videos strategically, creating a layout that is satisfying to the eyes.

Use YouTube for marketing now!

There are many benefits we can get when we use YouTube as a marketing channel. The research and fee might not be cheap, but the result is worth every cent we spend. So, what are you waiting for? Use YouTube for marketing now!