5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Instagram Stories

The role of the social media platform in business growth cannot be underrated. The world we live in uses social media to enhance sales and customer engagement. Instagram is not only a social media but a marketplace as well. In this piece, we shall look at five ways anyone can grow their business with Instagram stories. If you are aiming to begin your digital marketing agency, here is a piece should read. 

Instagram stories are displayed pictures or images often with stickers and texts as you wish, which will last for just 24 hours. It is an Instagram feature that can be used to share thoughts, pictures, and current happenings in your location.  

Whatever you share through the stories cannot be found on your profile as a regular post does. But do you know you can use this feature to grow your business? Well, if you haven’t thought about it, this is the best article to help with quality information on how to. Here are five tips to achieve that; 

Update your Instagram stories with quality images of your products. Not just the photos, be sure to add text to the pictures, which should contain a call to action. It must be skillfully done, and it should not cover the product. This call to action can be simple as ”chat me up for this now,” and that can be with your WhatsApp contact, for instance. It can also be something like ”check the link in the profile to get it now.” 

You can as well share videos of your satisfied customer through Instagram stories. The great thing about this is that you can ask the happy customer to do this for you. You can as well do it when you interface with them. It should not be more than a minute so that it doesn’t take too much space. To showcase the product bought and few words that show the satisfaction.  

Attract more viewers to your Instagram stories by sharing your short-term offers and bonuses there. Apart from enhancing your sales, it can also keep your customers returning to your stories for such offers. You may either do this with a great graphic design or video that tells how to take advantage of the promo.  

Use your Instagram stories to share with the world when you get new product stocks. Your customers need to be carried along when you restock, especially with new product designs. This tip will ensure that your goods don’t wait too long before customers begin to order for them, especially when they know you have limited copies. 

You can also reach out to your loyal customers to make a video on their Instagram stories on how they use your products. They can share the impact the product has made with timelines depending on the niche. It is a beautiful way to gain public trust and grow your business. 

It is essential to use your Instagram stories for your business growth because many may not check your profile at first until they see what attracts them there. So, it is like the 30 seconds you have to capture that person. It is why you need to be intentional about it. If you put these tips to use for your business, you will see your business grow.