6 Issues and How to Solve Them with The Webinar 

The business world is built on various issues, challenges that teams must meet by finding adequate solutions. If you are here, you have discovered the webinar and are looking to see if it can help you achieve your goals. Whether you are in management, human resources or marketing, the webinar can help. 

To do this, find out what issues it addresses. 

Offer Training

Training is right in the middle of very marked challenges: Reforms, needs to rationalize it, to make it more economical, more eco-responsible, more flexible. So many reasons that push you to find other ways to train your teams. 

The alternative, of course, is digitization. Less expensive, more flexible, it has many advantages to attract companies. And for good reason! It was present in 38% of companies at the start of 2018 and 56% in 2020. Webinars allow you to host your own digital training courses. Ideal when you want to find an alternative to physical conferences, offering rich talks and exchanges. 

The advantage of doing webinar training is that they imitate the conditions of face-to-face training, eliminating many issues: room rental, travel, difficulty in arranging schedules, even accommodation and other aspects. logistics. 

So many reasons that make the webinar an effective and more economical tool, since it allows to offer quality conferences, to generate interaction between speakers and participants, to animate its presentation, while tracking the activity of the attendees: live presence, actions carried out, viewing of the replay, etc. 

Inform Your Teams and Partners

According to a study by Les Echos, one in two employees in France considers that their company’s internal communication is insufficient. At the rate of these companies, the feeling that top-down information is not reaching everyone. Not only. Employees also very often feel that their feedback is not being heard enough, that they don’t have the tools to carry it. 

You will surely understand that the means put in place are not always followed by everyone. An email address is often overloaded and a newsletter is not always enough to disseminate information. The popular newsletter can, badly or overused, quickly become part of the decor without even generating openness. 

To respond to this internal communication strategy, the webinar makes it possible to broadcast video content to an unlimited number of participants (live or replayed), which is much more popular with Internet users. 

Useful for transmitting information but also exchanging with participants, the webinar allows you to engage and inform your employees or partners more effectively. This by creating bottom-up information allowing in particular to involve your target population much more. 

A great way to bond internally. 

Recruit Employees

Attracting the best candidates is a concern very often at the centre of the activity of HR services, in a very competitive job market, and in a company which sees its workers leaving much more often than in the past. 

Changes in consumption patterns, the emergence of digital technology and the communities that populate the web have made the situation very different for recruiters.  

Now, we want to know who we are engaging with before signing with an employer. Likewise, it is easier to leave an employer when the conditions are not up to the promises. The more specific the profile of candidates is, the greater their ability to obtain positive responses from employers, and the more careful they will be about what companies promise and implement. 

While building your employer brand requires more than a little communication, webinars can help you when you want to disseminate the work done upstream. Organizing web conferences open to effective candidates but also to potential candidates will allow you to reach a large number of profiles and increase your notoriety. 

In addition, webinars are tailored to promote a business. By offering a presentation, involving collaborators and answering questions from participants, you are likely to inspire, but also increase the reliability and commitment of candidates. A luxury for human resources departments. 

Acquire Contacts

The emergence of digital marketing and inbound marketing have made the need to acquire new exploitable contacts a major issue for marketing departments. 

To succeed in this “lead generation” strategy, companies have had to acquire suitable means of communication. But their mission was also to embark on content creation. However, according to the studies carried out, the webinar is the most accepted content marketing by potential prospects (ahead of the white paper). 

Generating leads via a webinar is probably the most natural form. Indeed, web conferences make it possible to create very favourable subjects: 

  • News handling
  • Explanation of a problem
  • Advice and good practices

Make Demonstrations

While lead generation has become more common than the demo webinar, it is still a key part of the marketing webinar. 

The demo webinar has identified objectives: to prove the value of the product to your prospects, to demonstrate the value of additional features, to train your customers in the use of your solutions. The difficulty with the exercise is directing the demonstration to the right people. Indeed, if this form of webinar content can generate ROI, the prospects who receive the web conference must be at this level of interest in the solutions. 

While demo webinars often have to be the result of a lead nurturing strategy, making the conference the culmination of the acquisition strategy: the interest is real.