7 Team Building Ideas to Do Remotely 

Due to the particular situation related to COVID-19, most employees in companies are telecommuting. This has its advantages and disadvantages. Among these, we can cite the fact that it is no longer possible to carry out team building in “real”, confinement requires. However, thanks to the new technologies and the Internet, we can organize them in a “virtual” way. 

In this blog post, we list 7 remote team building ideas that will strengthen your telecommuting teams

1. Online Pictionary

Do you know Pictionary? This famous game which consists of making your partner guess a word / an expression via a drawing? Did you used to play it during your break times? Imagine that it is also possible to play it online during this period of confinement! Thanks to an online Pictionary game, the concept is simple: a person receives a word to be guessed and tries to draw it with their mouse on a virtual whiteboard. The other participants see the drawing in real time and can write proposals in a chat. As soon as a person types the search word, they win the round! 

Here are 2 sites where it is possible to play several Pictionary online: 

  • Draize
  • Skribbl.io

2. AnOnline Escape Game

The escape game is a popular activity for companies for a good team building. It is appreciated because it helps to strengthen the team spirit between colleagues. Unfortunately, with containment it is difficult to organize it in real life. But there is a virtual alternative on Happykits. 

The principle is simple, you just have to download the 100% free digital escape game and then play it with your colleagues by videoconference. 

3. AnOnline Musical Quiz

A great classic for evenings with friends, the musical quiz is also possible online and remotely! Each colleague connects to the gaming platform, the latter is responsible for playing music samples and each responds as quickly as possible. 

For a musical quiz with colleagues, you can go to Massive Music Quiz! 

4. AVideo Conference Aperitif

Are you used to organize after works with colleagues after a good day’s work? Miss the Friday afternoon afterwork to celebrate the weekend? Don’t worry, we have a concrete alternative for you. 

Thanks to new technologies, there are several software / platforms that allow videoconferencing. Most of the time, they are used for professional purposes (organizing meetings for example). But nothing prevents you from using them for remote aperitifs with your colleagues. This will allow you to relax and be able to chat over a good drink. 

Here is a list of some super awesome tools for making your video calls: 

  • Teams
  • Meet
  • Whereby
  • Zoom
  • Skype

5. AnOnline Board Game

The Boardgamearena.com site is the go-to for classic board games that you can play online. 

This great platform allows you to play various online board games with your colleagues for free, directly from your browser. What’s also cool is that you can filter the games according to different parameters like the number of players or the duration of the game. 

You can play some cool games on this site: 

  • Sushigo
  • Kingdomino
  • 6 who takes!
  • Belote

6. ALittle Multiplayer Arcade Game

On the Internet, you can find quite a few sites / platforms that offer online games for free. It is a fun activity to be carried out remotely with colleagues. We used to do a kicker game after lunch, now we opt for this alternative of online games. Nothing prevents you from doing the same on your side! 

  • Itch.io: this is a free platform with a wide choice of games on which you can play in multiplayer.
  • Plato: this is a free application that you can download to your smartphone and / or tablet. There are many games to play together like Uno, Power 4, Monopoly, etc. You can also play bowling, football, billiards or even archery.

7. RemoteCooking and Lunch

Still in the same vein as remote aperitifs, it is quite possible to have lunch remotely with colleagues! The activity consists of choosing with the whole team a simple and appetizing recipe on the Internet in order to cook individually by videoconference. 

Once the meal is ready, you can enjoy it together in videoconference and thus rediscover the feeling of the good old lunch at midday at the office. This will keep the link and weld the team spirit through a cooking session. 

Here are some websites that offer great cooking recipes: 

  • Marmiton
  • Kitchen AZ

You can also take online cooking lessons with your colleagues. To do this, there is an interesting YouTube channel: The Chef’s Workshop. In addition, chef Clément TOMASELLA regularly offers Team Building activities in a virtual cooking class.