7 Video Editing Software Every Editor Must Know 

With the existence of advancements in technology, social media, and the demand for videos everywhere including in marketing, knowing how to edit video is practically a basic need now. Although we do not use it in our daily activities, it is never a bad idea to know the fundamentals of video editing. If you require some video editing software recommendations, you’ve come to the right place, we will give our list of 10 video editing software every editor should know.

1. Apple iMovie

Apple’s iMovie is known as one of the most commonly used video editing software in this world. It makes sense though, considering how smooth the editor is for everybody. iMovie is simple and has all the basics necessary when it comes to video editing. It is also easy to use, making it suitable for everybody from beginners to professionals. 

iMovie has plenty of features you can tweak, such as its cropping, audio features, and many more. However, the software’s most famous feature is its green screen feature, where you can place any object on any background.  

Since the software is specifically meant for Apple products, iPhone owners can enjoy dropping their files to the software through DropBox.

2. Nero Video

Do you need video editing software that has all the basic tools but won’t empty your wallet? If that’s the case, then Nero Video is the right choice for you. For just a one-time purchase of  $49.99, you will get all the fundamental features needed for the most efficient video editing result.  

Unfortunately, because of the video’s basic features, Nero Video is not the best option for professionals out there. However, it is perfect if you want to start practicing your video editor skills.

3. Filmora from Wondershare

Filmora is simple, and yet it has everything you need for the perfect video editing needs. First, it supports all kinds of videos. Do you need GIF? They got it. Do you need a 4K resolution? They have it also. Do you need to resize the video, tune the colors, and many more? Yes, everything is there in Filmora. 

However, there are certain highlights of Filmora that make them stand out the most. The first highlight is FilmoraGo. FilmoraGo is a specific feature of Filmora that focuses on mobile editing and things related to mobile phones. The second highlight is Filmora, which is the feature for screen recording and editing. The division is perfect and necessary, as it creates a simpler way for us to edit without having to feel confused.  

If you are too lazy tweaking all their features, you can turn on the Easy Mode that allows you to get the basic features for video editing and the drag-and-drop feature. A fun way to pass time! 

Filmora costs $39.99 per year or $59.99 for a lifetime purchase.  

4. Adobe Premiere Elements

Who doesn’t know Adobe? Adobe is known for its editing tools that provide all types of designers the professional tools they need. Adobe Premiere Elements is one of those tools.  

Adobe Premiere Elements might be pricey (it costs $79.99), but it is definitely worth the price. The main highlight of Premiere Elements is its Guided Feature. Guided Feature allows you to edit the video with the assistance of the software. The feature is a great option for those who are lost on the thousands of features presented by Premiere Elements.  

The Guided Features, along with the features it offers, make Premiere Elements another great option for those who are starting out on video editing. The features might not stand out among its competitors, but they will surely give your fingers some great video editing exercises. 

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

The software is called Adobe Premiere Pro not without reason. The software has some of the most complete features that cater to both beginners and professionals. From 4k support to the cloud system, all is presented nicely by Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Other features provide ease of editing, namely Lumetri Color and multi-cam. Lumetri Color allows the manipulation of colors equal to that of Adobe Photoshop, while the multi-cam allows you to edit the video through any angle possible.  

Beginners no need to worry regarding their features, as Adobe Premiere Pro offers an easy interface that can be conquered as quickly as a few hours. If you have installed other Adobe software, you will have easy integration with them. 

6. Lumen5

If you are in dire need of video editing software that gives appealing results, then Lumen5 is the solution for you.  

Lumen5 is a video editing software that is meant for social media sharing. It has features that are extremely useful for social media video posts such as GIFs, music, screengrabs, and many more.  

Its interface is easy enough to the point where new users would be able to master the software within minutes. All you’ll need to do is drag and drop some videos, create gifs, add some music, fill out the final format you want, and that’s it, you’re done! 

If you are still unsure, the free version is available for you to try, having 480p videos as its only final output. For higher resolution, you can subscribe for $50/month.

7. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio boasts all the premium features of video editing software, from 360-degree VR and 4k videos. Their main highlight, however, is their motion tracking which allows you to track a specific object’s movement. Although there is plenty of software with motion tracking, Corel still has one of the best motion tracking systems available. For a one-time payment of $51.99, Corel has everything you need for a great video editing experience. 


There are lots of video editing software out there, giving everybody the option to pick the one that suits their needs the most. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there are plenty of choices out there to suit your needs. So don’t be afraid and start your journey into the world of video editing.