A Clever Way to Transform Visitor Into Potential Customers

Let’s talk about marketing. But first imagine that a person offers you $100 if you manage to separate coins and hay that he has together in the same bag. Surely the first thing you will think is that this person is quite strange and the task is very difficult. But if you use your wits, you will find that with a magnet you will win the challenge and be $100 richer.  

Now, let’s decipher the analogy: the bag would be the website, landing page or E-commerce platform of your business, the hay, the visitors and the coins, all the potential customers. What would be the magnet?  

Well, that magnet is what we know as a lead magnet and although it does not attract metal, it will help you to separate simple visitors from those potential customers whose curiosity starts to get interested in you, your brand, your business and your products.  

The term lead magnet was born in the marketing world and refers to a piece of valuable content or service that is offered for free. All those visitors who are already consuming your content could take action and purchase that freebie you offer.   

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Sure, but the truth is that this freebie is not entirely free because to get it the person must pay with certain contact information, usually the first name and a valid e-mail address.  

This brings a lot of advantages, don’t underestimate it! Even if we are not making a sale, we are generating interactions with our audience and little by little we motivate them to want our product so they will invest their money in it.   

We also build authority by providing a quality piece of content. This is a kind of litmus test that will exponentially increase your audience’s trust in you by allowing them to taste a bit of your knowledge or experience your service.  

Last but not least, the lead magnet will allow us to establish a database with the contact information of all the visitors who now become potential customers and are getting closer and closer to falling in love with your business.    

But what types of lead magnets are there? Which one is ideal for your business?  

Imagination is the limit when we think about what kind of lead magnet we can create (case studies, guides, E-books, templates, among others). That’s why it’s important to know your audience. Offer them relevant and substantive content, never forget that this content must be coherent enough with the content they are already consuming. We want to build upon their new found interest. 

For example: a streaming platform could incorporate a lead magnet on their website by offering a free trial period. It wouldn’t make much sense for them to offer E-books or Instagram story templates.  

However, if we’re talking about a digital marketing agency’s website, then those social media templates don’t sound bad at all. It all depends on the audience, so always keep your target group in mind when you are defining what you can incorporate to separate coins from hay.  

Whatever business you are in, a lead magnet can be a great addition to your website. We all love high visitor numbers, but leads are even better. Those customers that with a well-directed effort and detailed follow-up will become paying customers who love and advocate your brand.