Advantages of Advertising on Facebook 

Facebook has a lot of users. Millions visit the website daily. It is a medium to interact with people. There are various advantages of advertising on Facebook. You can reach more people through various channels of Facebook advertising. This post tells you the advantages of advertising on Facebook. Content Management Systems (CMS) can carry out Facebook advertising to generate leads. 

Engage an already existing audience 

This is one of the advantages of advertising on Facebook. You can use it to engage your audience and maintain them. Take Facebook as a digital extension of your business. Facebook enables you to remind people why they should visit your website. It helps to grow your follower base and offers existing fans an item for consideration. Facebook encourages users to visit often. 

Performance is measurable

With Facebook performance is measurable, you can measure the performance of a website, since it allows you to report with metrics. There are many metrics available on Facebook and this depends on the format of the ad. It includes action someone can take before the person leaves Facebook and events that are off Facebook. You can use third-party analytical systems to track a Facebook pixel. 

Get direct traffic to your website

If you are running a website, you should be concerned about website traffic. You can use Facebook ads to generate more referral traffic. Direct traffic refers to the visitors that visit your website directly from Facebook. Make engaging ads can encourage more visitors to your website. 

Various ad formats

You can choose from various ad formats. Many options are available for you to choose from, there are video and image ads for you to choose from. Almost all the formats of the ads accommodate visual and text elements that offer you opportunities to showcase and describe your business. One of the ad format you can use is Sponsored Posts, especially if you operate a business that lets others post on your feed. When you boost a post that’s user generated, you encourage more engagement with the rest of users. Content that’s engaging does better than purpose developed ads. User generated content has more organic capacity. 

Target competitors

Facebook lets you target competitors. With Facebook you cannot target other fans for other brands. Nevertheless you can target those who are interested in desired brands. You can reach more of such users on Facebook.  

Target psychographs and audience

Demographics are not the only factor in Facebook advertising. You can target psychographs with lifestyle features like hobbies, behaviours, life events and interests. There is more transparency with Facebook advertising, with regards to behavior or interests, friends of fans and fans themselves. 

Multiple targeting options and alignment with B2B & B2C ventures  

B2B businesses can run ads on Facebook. They can consider Facebook remarketing as the least option. Creating audiences that look alike is another option. With Facebook you have got multiple ways to engage your audience. You can do this through carousel ads, video ads, and sponsored stories. This aims to encourage users and motivate them. You can use it to drive app installs or traffic. Use custom buttons. 

Get in touch with a wider audience 

Up to 1 billion people visit Facebook daily, that’s enough reason to be on Facebook and reach more audience. In fact statistics show that Facebook has more than 2.6 billion people making it a suitable place for running campaigns. With Facebook you can reach a wider audience.