Advantages of Dynamic Ads   

A dynamic ad is an ad that adjusts for the person viewing the ad. It has personalisations like demographics, location or product interests. It has better conversions and higher rates of clicks. They attract more clicks and engagement that the one sized standard ads. Dynamic ads cut down clicks in the conversion path promoting conversion rates. This post tells you the advantages of dynamic ads.  

Cross-sell, up-sell and exclude past visitors  

With dynamic ads you can cross-sell, exclude and up-sell to past buyers. This is an advantage of dynamic ads. 

Get new audience  

With dynamic ads you can attract new audiences. That’s why Facebook allowed Dynamic Product Ads to be used apart from remarketing. With this you can get in touch with people who have never used your brand. This will let you scale campaigns that are more successful to a wider audience. You can promote relevant items automatically. Before the coming of Dynamic Ads, advertisers will have to make many links and ads according to the products. This consumes time and is not suitable with thousands of items to market. 

Retarget earlier visitors 

Dynamic ads display the ads to people with interest by taking some action on your Facebook page, app or website. This is a way to connect your marketing campaigns to remarketing campaigns, and since Facebook is a powerful tool for remarketing with lots of user information and targeting capabilities, you can use it for remarketing. The digital market gets more saturated with product ads  as users make more use of search engines. Dynamic ads and remarketing will boost a website. As the digital world continues to expand, dynamic ads will take their place. 

What formats can you use dynamic ads?  

You can use dynamic ads across collection, single or carousel ads. Facebook dynamic ads can look exactly like the rest of other ads on Facebook visually. However with Dynamic Carousal Ads, you can display up to 30 products with one ad unit on your mobile. This is equal to 5 products on your desktop. 

Where do dynamic ads display?

There are multiple placement options for Dynamic Ads. Such ads can display on Audience Network and Facebook feeds. You can extend ad campaigns to mobile websites and mobile apps including videos that are outside Facebook. 

Are Facebook dynamic ads suitable for your business?  

Yes of course, they are, especially for retail brands that have to promote various products. 

  • Are you selling more than ten products and how similar are they? Do you have more than 20 products to market? 
  • Are you selling 10 to 20 products that are similar? Note that this can suffice carousels. 
  • Are your products lines adequate? 

A standard carousel can show up to 10 pictures. It seems simpler to use carousels. If the above is your case, using dynamic ads is much recommended. If you need to sell products of different versions, use dynamic ads since they are suitable for it.