All About Nano Influencer and Why Small Business Must Use Them 

Social media is everywhere and is also used by many people, from kids to grandparents. However, this is why we as small businesses should utilize them. If we use the right strategy using social media, we would be able to promote our business and spread the word. In this article, we will talk about using nano influencers and how we can know why small businesses must use them.  

4 Kinds of Influencers 

Although influencers look the same from their posts, they are divided into several types of influencers. They are: 

Mega influencer 

Mega influencers are those who have millions of followers. A great example is the G-Dragon of Big Bang. he has nineteen million followers, and his Instagram posts would garner at least four million likes.   

Due to their high engagement rate and followers, mega influencers tend to be expensive. However, if they are utilized properly, they can bring amazing results. G-Dragon is a great example. His Nike post resulted in the increase of the shoes’ price by $100 to $300.  

However, due to the number of followers they have, they tend not to be close with their followers. And, of course, their endorsement fee is pricey. One Instagram post can even cost $1500, something we as small businesses can afford right now. 

Macro influencer 

Macro influencers are one level below mega influencers due to their followers, which range from hundreds of thousands to one million. They are called mega influencers also due to the reason why they became famous. Mega influencers are mostly celebrities, artists, singers, and many more. Meanwhile, macro influencers are those who became famous thanks to their online content, such as vlogs and things similar to it.  

Their fans are also more specific and due to the content given to them. However, macro influencers are also well-known among those who are outside his fans’ circle. A great example is James Charles. He is known for his make-up content, but he is also well-known among people who are not into make-up. 

Micro influencer 

A micro influencer is pretty similar to the macro influencer, except they have fewer followers and the content is more focused. For example, travel micro influencers are famous because of their traveling content that went viral. 

Micro influencers are not as expensive as macro and mega influencers, but their price range is not cheap either. However, they are perfect if you would like to promote a specific product related to the niche they cover. For example, you want to promote your traveling agency. Then, you should work together with a micro influencer whose niche is traveling. However, you must make sure that you use the right marketing strategy, or else all would be in vain. 

Nano influencer 

Nano influencer is a relatively new kind of influencer that is becoming the current hot talk of advertisers. As their name literally stated, nano influencers are influencers with little followers, four-digit followers at most. However, do not underestimate their power. The amount of followers they have is what makes them stand out the most. 

Why Nano influencers? 

Although Nano influencers have few followers compared to macro influencers, they are extremely powerful when it comes to engagement and sales. A post can result in an increase of sales in matters of hours, and the effect can last for several days.  

Of course, the benefits of nano influencers are not without reason. Here are reasons why small businesses should cooperate with nano influencers:: 

Close with their fans 

The amount of followers nano influencers have is what makes them special. Thanks to the little number of followers, they can interact and listen directly to their fans. There is a bigger chance for nano influencers to respond to the comments and feedback from fans compared to influencers with higher numbers of followers. Thus, they are loved by their fans.  

More trustworthy 

Thanks to their fans’ love, nano influencers are gaining marketer’s attention. Nano influencers’ fans tend to listen to their reviews, and when the influencer said the product is a yes, then there is a big chance that fans would purchase them. After all, they adore the nano influencer. 

However, their fans’ dedication is not the only reason why people trust nano influencers more. Due to their small audience, nano influencers need to be more authentic in their niche. Thus, nano influencers tend to be more honest and genuine when it comes to giving reviews. Hence, nano influencers are considered more trustworthy compared to other kinds of influencers.  

More authentic 

Nano influencers are also trusted due to their knowledge. As they have a small niche and followers, they need to have sufficient knowledge regarding their content as their followers will ask them for their advice. Thus, they will learn about it and slowly master the niche of their content. Combined with nano influencers’ tendency to give genuine reviews, they are considered to be the most authentic influencers right now. 

Less expensive 

Since they are more authentic and more trustworthy, will nano influencers be expensive, just like other influencers? 

Fortunately for us, nano influencers are not as expensive as mega, macro, and micro influencers. Their fee is reachable, and they are more open-minded when it comes to cooperating with small businesses. By cooperating with nano influencers, you will not only save money but also gain more authentic exposure, increasing the chance of having new customers. 

However, it should be noted that you must use the right marketing strategy when it comes to using social media and nano influencers. You can do so by discussing the matter with the nano influencer you hire. 

Getting the best out of nano influencers 

As seen above, nano influencer is one of the best ways we can utilize social media for our business. They are not pricey, offer genuine engagement on social media, and give immediate results that are actually significant for our business. Hiring nano influencers will help you get the most out of social media for your business.