All You Need to Know About YouTube Shorts 

YouTube Shorts allows someone with a smartphone and the YouTube app’s Shorts camera to interact with target audiences worldwide. YouTube’s Shorts tool makes it easy to make videos up to 15 seconds duration with the option of capturing multiple clips. With this tool, you have access to various artistic features, which includes:   

  1. Music and sound: Make your own Short by adding a song or using other music. Find out more. 
  2. Text: After recording a Short, add text and use the Timeline to monitor when it appears and fades away. 
  3. Speed: You can choose to speed up or slow down the recording. 
  4. Timer: Set a timer to record you and select when to stop recording automatically.

How to Create a Short Video on YouTube 

Video editing or YouTube video editing tools can help you achieve this. Let’s take a look at the steps below; 

  1. Log in to YouTube on your mobile device. 
  2. Choose to “Create.” 
  3. Select Create a Short Beta from the drop-down menu. 
  4. To film a shot, press and hold the capture button to begin the video, then tap it again to end. 
  5. Tap the gray backward-pointing pentagon with the white x. Tap Undo to undo the previous video clip you shot, or Redo to restore it. 
  6. Tap NEXT to see a preview of your video, then press NEXT again to add info. 
  7. Give your short video a title of no more than 100 characters. 
  8. Pick whether or not the Short is intended for children by tapping Select audience. 
  9. To complete it, tap UPLOAD.

Note that content created with the Shorts camera has a 15-second time limit. While any video up to 60 seconds is considered Short, I recommend focusing on 15-second videos that viewers can watch quickly and easily.  

How Viewers Find Short Videos 

Viewers can find short videos on YouTube through the following; 

  1. By choosing the module “What to Watch Next.” 
  2. By using the search tab on YouTube 
  3. By keeping an eye on their subscription feeds. 

How to Add Music in a Short Video 

Tap Add music while recording your short video on YouTube to see a list of tracks you can use in your video. The use of these songs is unrestricted.  

Audio Clips That Can be Used in Short Videos  

For your short videos, you can use music or other audio: To include them, follow these steps: 

To add music to your Short, tap Add Music and choose from a catalog of tracks in various languages. Unless you have the appropriate licenses, the music selected using this feature is only for personal, non-commercial use. You can also create your short-form masterpiece by combining sounds from other eligible Shorts.  

Monetization of YouTube Short Videos 

You might be wondering if you can monetize your YouTube shorts. The fact is that for now, you can’t because short videos don’t usually count when you are talking about YouTube’s Partner Program eligibility. Still, subscribers gained from watching your short videos do. However, there is a huge probability that there might be ways to monetize shorts in the future.