Are Social Media Influencers Worth It

A social media influencer is an individual with the credibility to use his voice to influence people’s thoughts, perceptions, or acceptability on a product or service in a particular industry. Such individuals leverage on social media platforms to inform, educate, or engage his or her audience. These people have built their credibility over some time well enough to be trusted by a large audience. 

Social media influencers are used by businesses to create awareness for their product or services, especially during a new product launch. Not only for the product launch, but social media influencers help in marketing too. They are also used for brand visibility on social media. They make regular posts on social media for awareness or marketing to engage followers. 

Social media influencers are paid by businesses to further their brand. The question is if businesses are willing to pay this social media influencer for their service, it is worth considering if the investment is worth it in the first place. Since business is always about figures, those who run a digital marketing agency know the expenses for marketing strategy, and those incurred on social media influencing worth it. 

According to Forbes, the influencer marketing industry was worth about $8 billion in 2019, and it is expected to go up to $15 billion by 2022. If the forecast projects a higher estimate, it means the need for influencers will increase. It tells us that the relevance of influencers is deemed to increase in the coming years. It means the worth is expected to soar. Their value is determined by the relevance they bring to the business. It indicates a positive view of their worth. 

The investment in the service of social media influencers cannot be downplayed. At least in this current dispensation where almost the whole world has gone on social media. It means there are more people to influence online. As people join social media, they are likely to connect or like these social influencers because they already have large followers. It, in turn, makes the influencers grow their followers, and the higher the followers, the better. 

As more users emerge on social media platforms, more social media influencers are likely to emerge. It will be valid for nano influencers. These are social influencers with not more than 1000 followers. This set of social media influencers are likely to work for small businesses. It will increase the worth of the social media influencer market. It also means that businesses will be able to find their range of budgets. Such investment will be worth it because small businesses will now be able to get more done with a lesser amount. 

The trust and love social media influencers have achieved over the years is a social capital for businesses engaging these social media influencers. Some fans are more than mere followers who will take every word of these social media influencers even without checking. This is a plus for a product, service, or brand that these social media influencers have promoted. It is another reason why the social media influencer investment is indeed worth it.