Benefits of Using Customer Testimonials in Marketing 

Customer testimonials can be used to promote a business. It is made up of a strategy in which customers endorse a product or service. Customer testimonials represent or say something about the experience of customers. This post tell you the benefits of using customer testimonials in marketing. The benefits are below.  

Promote trust  

Readers have more trust on testimonials that come from various sources. If the representative of a firm speaks to a potential customer about their firm’s product or service, the potential customer will trust more of testimonials from other customers than from the company representatives. Trust is very important in business and people prefer to do business with someone they can trust to a certain degree. The use of testimonials is one way to create such trust. 

Encourage client loyalty  

One of the effects of using testimonials is that it encourages client loyalty. Clients loyalty develops with stages. Using testimonials promotes an emotional bond and is a form of appreciation. It is right to ask for testimonials when you receive a ‘thank you’ from a client. Loyal clients can bring you to others. You can ask for testimonials from such clients and leave them on your website. 

Encourage credibility  

Statistics show that testimonials can make a business grow. It is true that people research about firms before making a decision, and when they find testimonials, it gives them some credibility. 


Testimonials are sharable. They are more sharable than sales pitches. Testimonials have a productive effect when you share it among raving fans. Social media is suitable for testimonials. 

Appreciation of staff  

If you own a business, tell your clients to leave a testimonial with regards to your staff. It is a way to appreciate. It is a nice thing to display staff compliments. Workplace testimonials can be useful in HR recruitment. Weekly or daily sessions can encourage and inpire people. 

Suitable for search engine optimization  

Testimonials are suitable for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you use testimonials on third-party websites, it has a positive impact on your SEO, since it encourages more visitors. Your search results improve as you publicise more testimonials. Grow a fan club with your testimonials. Landing pages have impact on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website. Using testimonials on landing pages can be a great way to promote the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. Certain factors influence search engine rankings. One of them is trust from visitors. It is among the factors used by search engines to index a website. Testimonials promote this trust thereby enhancing SEO. 

Offers a learning opportunity  

Testimonials  offer you a learning experience, since you learn more with it. A lot of companies have used feedbacks and testimonials to enhance their company’s service and product. That’s one benefit of testimonials since you hear directly from your customers. It is a way to improve market research.