Best Influencer Marketing Plugins for Your Website 

There are certain WordPress plugins that can help your influencer marketing. You can download and install such plugins for your WordPress website. Statistics confirm that WordPress has above 60% market share in content marketing that made it the popular CMS. This is why more than 500 websites are produced daily using WordPress. Even though WordPress is very popular, it does not give ecommerce capabilities unless a plugin like WooCommerce is used. This is very familiar with WooCommerce that powers above 20% of the ecommerce sites of the world. This post tells you the best influencer marketing plugins.  

WP Shopify  

You can use WP Shopify if you want a plugin approach that is true and don’t want to use the Shopify Buy button. It combines Shopify Buy Button and Shopify API. With this plugin people can sell on their WordPress website. Take Shopify as a kind of backend and take WordPress to be frontend. When a customer taps on the button for checkout, it redirect the person to the default checkout page of Shopify. Customers can finish the process of checkout. Shopify Lite is another plugin you can use for this. 

BigCommerce WordPress Plugin  

BigCommerce is among the largest ecommerce platforms. The platform wants to be the leading platform in WordPress. It is an open source plugin that offers a complete product that can be used immediately. It makes a website faster speeding up processing of payments. This is a tool with PCI Compliance and the ability to manage inventory and sales. 

WP Easy Cart 

WP Easy Cart is a plugin that you can use and they were in the industry for more than 10 years. It now owns Cart66 which is another plugins for WordPress. It is among the plugins that is affordable. It has a free plan with various features that you can choose from. They have a premium plan of $99 and a professional plan of $69 annually with decent properties. One advantage of this plugin is that you can market various things virtually. It is not necessary to use add-on when selling subscriptions. WP Easy Cart is a simple plugin. Their cheapest plan is an affordable one. The most popular features of WP Easy Cart are Live Shipping Calculators, integration with email marketing using MailChimp, integration with payment providers more than 30, 3D secure payments with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), Google Pay through Stripe and Apple Pay. 

Ecwid ecommerce Shopping Cart  

This is one of the tools you can use to transform a WordPress website. With this platform you can market digital and physical products. You can integrate this plugin with Facebook. It has 3 paid plans and a free plan. Its features include union with major carriers, mobile responsive cart, sales funnel and Apple Pay through stripe. 


This is another plugin for marketing products or digital services. You can use pay-per-view, online courses, subscription-based products and membership plans. The smallest plan is $240 annually but they have other special offers. Other plans include Pro Plan at $549 and Plus Plan at $300 annually. It features include automated reminder emails, course builder, reminder emails, discount coupons, registration form, multiple memberships, WooCommerce integration and content dripping. 

Easy Digital Downloads  

This is a simple plugin to use and understand. With this you can manage digital downloads with its plan of $199 to $899 annually. It has affiliate system, customer management, discount codes etc.  

WooCommerce Plugin  

This plugin is used by above 30 million websites. It is an open source that you can download freely. It has print labels, live shipping rates, automatic tax calculations, shipping options, primary inventory tools and product blocks for speeding up design.