Best Influencer Marketing Practices 

Over time, influencer marketing has evolved and improved itself. But this has not been spontaneous, but with the trial and error of those who have been the pioneers in this revolutionary form of marketing. 

That is why below we show you the best practices that you can assume when making a marketing campaign using influencers.

1. Set your Goals

In any marketing campaign, this should always be the first step, because you must always need a reason to start any campaign, and this will be your goal. Therefore, the SMART model is quite useful for setting the goals of your influencer marketing campaign. 

SMART is the acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This means that your goals must be specific and clear, quantifiable and measurable, realistic and achievable, relevant, and can be established within a period.

2. Select and evaluate the experts

There are many influencers in the market, but that does not mean they are all the best at promoting certain types of products. Therefore, you have to be smart and select those who are familiar with what you are selling. 

For example, if your brand focuses on beauty products, the best option is to find a beauty blogger. On the contrary, if you sell food products, then you should look for a cooking influencer or at least one who has interests in what you sell.

3. Make sure they have your values

They should not only have the same interests and be experts in what you sell, but also have your same corporate values since the influencer will be the reflection of your brand. So be very careful with this point, because it can be very flattering or a disaster. 

For example, if you promote your brand as family-friendly, the best option is to stay away from those influencers who generate controversy, or whose content is much more mature than your target audience.

4. Trust your influencers

Once you have the ideal influencers to send your message, it is time to trust them. Let them do what they do best, which is to connect with their audience organically and naturally, but at the same time manage their reach and the reactions they have. 

Of course, it is not bad to give them some guides or instructions about your product or to say something specific. But creative freedom in this case is the foundation of influencer marketing, so let them work their magic.

5. Keep an eye on your stats

Let the influencers do their job and you do yours because in this case, you must be aware of the scope and statistics that your campaign has had. Because this will allow you to analyze where you have succeeded and where you have failed, with which you can improve for your next campaign. 

Remember that marketing is about doing something to improve it until corporate goals are achieved, and with influencer marketing, these goals can be achieved very effectively. So never rule out involving these practices in your marketing campaign management.