Best Marketing Podcasts for Influencers 

Podcasts can be used in influencer marketing. They are powerful tools among marketing managers or consultants. Certain podcasts are suitable for influencers. The advantage of podcasts is that you can listen to it in your own time, if you are not disposed to attend seminars. This post tells you the best marketing podcasts for influencers.  

Maximise Your Social Influence Podcasts  

This podcasts started with ‘Social Business Unplugged’ as its name. It is a kind of advice and coaching podcast with regards to influence marketing. The producer of this podcast has an influencer marketing background. The podcast talks about the trends in influencer marketing on social media. 

Visual Marketing with Tailwind  

This is for influence marketing on Pinterest. Those who use Instagram can benefit from this too. Note that Tailwind is an application for social media scheduling on Instagram and Pinterest. There are specialists in each area of the application, with some boundaries. Alisa Meredith hosts the application. Tailwind works mainly for visual platforms and you can schedule on it. 

The Blogging Millionaire  

Brandon Gaulle hosts this podcast. He was consulting and selling online courses on his blog. In this podcast he talks about monetising blogs with affiliate marketing. His podcast is mainly for bloggers and you can learn about SEO and email marketing here. 

6 Figure Influencer  

Allie Reeves hosts this podcast. She earns from social media and offers some training. She targets women who run a side hustle online with various trainings and coaching. Her podcasts talks about home business. 

Simple Pin Podcast  

If you want to master Pinterest Marketing, then this podcast is for you. Kate Ahl hosts the podcast. She is a specialist on Pinterest and has a company that offers related services on Pinterest. With this podcast, you learn how to design pins, followers etc. She believes in collaboration and suitable for learning how to increase traffic on Pinterest. 

Instagram Secrets  

Luke Thompson hosts this podcast for Instagram influencers. He talks about how to use Instagram. The podcast is for beginners on Instagram. He talks about how to connect Instagram with other social media platforms. 

Instagram Marketing Secrets  

If you want to improve sales lead on Instagram, then this is for you. Derek Videll hosts the podcast. The podcast focuses on content creation, increases conversion rates on social media, primary sales principles and Click Funnels. 

Influencer Entrepreneurs  

Jenny Melrose hosts this podcast. She helps influencers to pitch brands and offer large and small group coaching. She talked about promoting productivity and Google algorithm. 

Ask Pat 2.0  

Pat Flynn hosts this podcast and it talks about passive income. Pat answer questions on that podcast. It is a place to find materials on various topics that has to do with passive income. It is a podcast for online businesses. Ace The Gram Viv Conway and Tasha Meys are the creators of this podcast. The podcast talks about Instagram and uses monologues and interviews. The podcast focuses on leveraging Instagram influencers, growing profiles and other topics for doing business on Instagram.