Best Social Media Platforms 

Social media marketing platforms help you to reach more people. You can target your audience with them and interact. This post tells you the best social media marketing platforms. They are below.  


Facebook has about 2.5 billion users monthly. It is the largest social media website. A lot of people use this media. It is suitable for targeting people above the age of thirty, with appealing content, engaging graphics and videos and industry news. You can leverage groups in Facebook to gather the community or customers in a place. People come in to Facebook daily. The kind of content suitable for advertising on Facebook are catchy headlines, cute and short videos. Using conversation starters and interactive content are suitable. Another way to advertise on Facebook is the use of live polls and streaming.  


YouTube is a major hub for videos and is made by Google. If your business can benefit from walkthroughs or video tutorials, product interviews or reviews and instructional content, YouTube is suitable. 73% of adults in US use YouTube, with the age range of 15 and 34. It is popular among men and women. ‘Video only’ content works best on YouTube. The videos can be short or long form videos. People come in to YouTube to combine education and entertainment. It is a place where you can tell your audience about various tactics. You can stream video gameplay and area attention of visitors. Another way to use YouTube is their ‘unboxing videos’. YouTube is suitable for people under the age of 50. 


Instagram is used by people like business owners, bloggers, brands and influencers. It has more than 1 billion users each month. You can use this social media platform to reach out to more people. Instagram is a major social media platform for young adults and teens. It is a platform that people under 40 often use. The content most suitable for Instagram are selfie-style videos, unique designs, stunning visuals and beautiful photography. It has a cohesive white theme for talking directly with your audience. 


Twitter is another major social media marketing platform. It has about 300 million users. 40% of those that use this site come on multiple basis. It is suitable for engaging your audience. It is popular with tech-savvy users. 


Tik-Tok has about 800 million users each month, making it among social media platforms. Up to 50% of Tik Took users are below 35 and majority of the users are between 16 and 24. It is suitable for short-form videos, comedic, interacting and entertaining. You can use music-video here. 


Pinterest is a popular social media platforms. You can create inspiration with it and save ideas. It is suitable for interior design, vacation ideas and home projects. The audience is mainly made of adult women. It has up to 300 million users on a monthly basis. Most of the users are women.