Best Strategies for Using Customer Testimonials in Marketing 

Customer testimonials are effective tools in influencer marketing. They are positive reviews from people who have used a product or service. It is among the best strategies you can apply in marketing. When people go through testimonials from people who have used your product or service, it encourages more patronage. This post tells you the best strategies for using customer testimonials in marketing.  

Use a testimonial page  

Apart from using testimonials on your website, both offline and online, using a testimonial page is crucial. A testimonial page is a page that displays your testimonials and this is an invaluable asset to both your potential customers and you. There is more need for this if you are not on third-party review websites. Potential customers can use an evidence like testimonials to make a buying decision. Testimonials say something about your product or service. 

Testimonials can be in various formats  

Testimonials are not only written down, they can take other formats too. Other formats can be video  or audio testimonials. Videos and audios are great ways to promote on social media. You can ask the customer to speak on the camera and then interview them. Ensure that you edit or remove information not related during the interview, be brief and prepare the customer. 

Add testimonials on social media posts  

Using testimonials on social media can boost conversions and clicks. You can also add a testimonial to the image of a post. Take note of the quantity of text that you can  use in Facebook ad. 

Match testimonials with the proper content  

When you create a marketing campaign on the internet enhance it with matching testimonials. Match testimonials with each aim of the email. Add such testimonials at the bottom of that campaign in a way that is visible. Testimonials can emphasize on value. Match the testimonials to correspond with the content.  

Add testimonials on print marketing materials  

If you deal on print materials, add a testimonial to it. Print materials tend to be realistic involving extra emotional processing relevant for brand and memory associations. It creates more responses, and you can add weight to the messages by adding the relevant customer testimonials. 

Include testimonials in your Call to Action (CTA)  

You can use testimonials to promote conversions, whether it is content download, email sign-up and business enquiry, by adding testimonials and should be with  your Call to Action (CTA). Your CTA is among the best place to apply a testimonial. 

Use testimonials on your service pages or products  

These pages has a role in driving conversions and leads. Add testimonials on your product or pages. Add them too on your contact page about page and  homepage. Include a testimonial in a page that has a potential for conversions. 

Use case studies  

Case studies involve particular events or instances. You can enhance case studies by adding testimonials, in as much as much it is an awesome tool. 

Use testimonials on the blog content

Those who visit your blog are potential customers. Visitors may come through search engines through an external source. You can add testimonials on your sidebar. You can do this with a carousel on the sidebar.