Best Tips for Advertising on Facebook 

Facebook has many users. Targeting is the key to Facebook advertising and the platform has the best targeting platform. With targeting you are more specific about the people you reach on Facebook. Example if you are someone that sells garden hoses, you can get in touch with people who use garden hoses. This post tells you the best tips for advertising on Facebook.  

Test Facebook ads  

You can test your Facebook ads to improve it. Find out how someone else can use the Facebook ad. You can operate 2 different ads with 1 image. Find answers to questions like, what version gets more conversion, comments and likes? 

Tell the numbers  

When selling a product that is physical, you can let them know what discount is available. Example a car dealer like Ball Honda runs Facebook ads that tells you the cost of the car. You can get information about car leases and when a promotion discount ends. Their ads target people that visit their website. It tells people to come to them when they want to purchase. 

Avoid using complex language  

When making Facebook ads, avoid using complex language. Use a language that people can understand. Even if you was a poet or something, simplicity is the key in making a Facebook ad. The ads should tell them the product, the discounts and what they can do next. Example a sponsored loan service can say something like ‘Get your loans faster’. 

Make it short and add value information  

Make the phrases short and explain that product. Keep the ads with its lead value together. What benefit does someone get by buying that product? How does it help users? You can focus your copy on those areas, and get points in a concise and clear way. Example Task Rabbit does help people handle some personal tasks, the value they offer is that you get things done when you are overwhelmed or too busy. Task Rabbit lets you hire people called ‘taskers’ to handle those chores and they display ads that tell their value. 

Be focused and add a call to action  

Facebook ads should have a goal that is clear. If you want to promote the awareness of your brand, market a product and generate leads, Facebook ads can do that. Your ads should contain a clear call to action. If you don’t add a call to action, Facebook users might see the ad without knowing where they can click or what they have to do. Another example is SocietyB that deals on iPhone cases, and they display such products with Facebook ads. ‘Shop Now’ button is visible in the ad. 

Align ads with visuals and use different ads for different people  

When you are targeting different people, you have to make different ads for them. Example you are selling things like under -wears, bath and body products etc align with what is displayed, that’s the visual to target people who use such. Your visual should not be different from the product or service. If you are a wine maker and you want to target those who drink your wine, you have to make such ads that tell them you sell wines, add a picture that displays what they can buy when they click on that Facebook ad. Don’t neglect targeting when making Facebook ads.