Best Tips for Advertising on Instagram 

Instagram was launched in 2010 and has a growing popularity. More companies are using Instagram today. It is now among the top channels in marketing because visual media engages an audience more than the rest of the marketing channels. It is difficult to affirm whether to use tablet applications and smartphones or technology. The tips below will help you advertise on Instagram. 

Promote your effective content  

Have a better approach for promoting your effective content. If you already have content that you want to promote, find a better way to promote them. Find the content that is best and promote such. Check out your organic posts and find images that engage your audience. Repurpose the posts for more response. 

Use more images on Instagram  

Do not use single images only for advertising on Instagram. It is a platform that uses a carousel system. If you want to market a service or product, create an engaging story. Intrigue an audience with striking images that show the best of in your brand, but connects meaningfully too. Don’t post product images only. Use a photo that stands for your service or product. You can create a connection frame to frame, craft stories and promote sales pitch inside the ad. 

Promote videos 

Some people see Instagram as a place for static images. Instagram is a great place to promote videos. Videos that capture attention is suitable for Instagram. A lot of people are fond of watching videos including short videos. Instagram shared above 5 million  videos when they introduced it. Videos can be used to initiate sales with a call to action. You can use a tool like InVideo to make the videos, since they have ad makers and pre-set templates. Make videos of your customers. 

Add a button for a call to action  

When you make an ad on Instagram, add a button for call to action close to the image caption. This Call To Action (CTA) is to be placed in the same place with Facebook ads. 

Enhance targeting  

Since Instagram has an extensive user data, you can reach out. Know how to leverage various aspects of the platform. Apart from the basic targeting mechanisms, there are other properties that can channel your focus. 

Remarketing can let you track a visitor and a website. You can set up a channel for an audience to visit your audience. Look alike and custom audiences are reachable on Instagram. 

Apply the new zoom feature of Instagram  

Applying the new zoom feature lets users to pinch the screen for zooming videos and photos. Instagram added this feature with its high number of user requests. Brands nevertheless began to experiment with the feature. Each of the feature lets brands get creative with the system. 

Add stories with your ads  

In as much as you want to promote your ads and generate leads, you need to upload suitable content for your audience. Add stories that revolve round a product or service. You can use product testimonials. Add things that will boost the interest of Instagram users.