Best tips for Advertising on Pinterest 

Pinterest is place to share and discover ideas. It is a place to advertise with ads. This post tells you the best tips for advertising on Pinterest. 


You can use retargeting in platforms for selecting ads, if you are in touch with the Pinterest Marketing API Partner. You can practice retargeting by using conversion tags on Pinterest, including uploading a CRM in the API. 

Use shallow conversion metrics  

You can drive conversions with bottom funnel, using shallow conversions. Pinterest is suitable for email sign ups. When you track a shallow conversion you define the value of the Pinterest platform. You can use landing pages on Pinterest with email or signups  when someone visits your website. 

Distinguish the desktop and mobile with the campaign  

Mobile user behavior can be different versions and applies to Pinterest. One major benefit for separating placement with the campaign is the cost management, since mobile versions have lesser costs. Let budgets flow in an independent way, this is to enable you manage placements with largest ROI. 

Add keywords to interest targets  

There are interest targets on Pinterest. Pinterest has above 420 interest targets like women and men’s fashion, weddings and travel, including sub-interests. The best way for using interest targets is to include keywords inside the campaigns as the interests are search-based versions behavior-based. 

Repurpose the organic pins for the adverts  

The most promoted pins are the ones that can pull their weight down with organic activity. There is efficiency how vital the pins are. When you launch the campaigns, apply Pinterest Analytics for finding pins that have the largest number of repins and likes, and the highest number of clicks and then promote it. 

Using an aspect ratio that is vertical  

Pins are longer than their wideness. They occupy much space in the Pinterest results, with a notice. This is so with mobile, where you have one pin vertically oriented can need a person using it to see the entire pin, and promote its time of exposure. 

Study the keyword algorithm  

Pinterest tries to get nearer to an exact match, but a lot of elements are in a broad match. Ads manager can give you keyword suggestions and you can add keywords with guided search of Pinterest. You can start with 30 to 40 keywords and plan extension there. 

Use themes and keywords to group campaigns 

When you structure campaigns with Pinterest, consider each campaign as a but made up of corresponding and overall theme keywords. Example a service that offers meal subscription can make campaigns like Low Carb, Paleo, Vegan and Gluten-Free. Determine the themes with the largest monthly search volume for priotising campaign creation. 

For each campaign use one pin  

Use the campaign level to test pins for one campaigns, since this promotes the campaign. Pinterest can optimise with click-through rates and not with conversion goals, even though it can track conversions.  

Be creative  

In as much as keywords are a channel for promoting on Pinterest, be creative in making the pins. There are keywords-based approaches, also be creative in the platform.