Best Tips for Optimising Facebook Ads 

Optimising an ad is the process of making it visible to search engines. Search engines like Google do index websites, and in the process analyse the search engine optimization (SEO) of a website. When placing ads on websites, the ads should be optimised, this post tells you the best tips for optimising Facebook ads.  

Create a sales funnel  

The major difference between Facebook ads and Google ads is the category of traffic they generate. Those who click on Google ads tend to be looking for what to buy, while those that click Facebook ads may not be buyers. This is not nice for a system that wants conversions. Set up extra experiences for those that visit your website, instead of just only the Facebook campaign. When you make various campaigns that has various aims, you can then make your own ad funnel. 

Make an engagement funnel  

If you have already a piece of content that can engage your audience, an engagement funnel can do that for you. The video is essential for this. First make an engagement campaign targeting a customers. Set up an initial campaign with the customers. Optimise and watch the engagement campaign till it gets to a particular threshold. Next set up a conversion campaign or traffic to those who view up to 25% of your videos. Videos with your messages have more chances of converting from 3 to 5 times.  

Create a view conversion funnel for viewing content

This method can help mature a pixel. First make a view content conversion campaign that targets an ideal audience. It is not only your aim to drive traffic but also to study your customers interested in your offer. Optimise and watch the campaign till it gets to a certain threshold. After this create a campaign follow-up that targets visitors on your website. 

Study the frequency of the ads to manage its exposure 

The ad frequency refers to how many times someone sees the campaign you made. When Facebook users see your ad more than once, they are more likely to recall.  

Create the budget according to performance  

When you begin a campaign, you may have to test 2 or 3 sets of ads with various ads in each ad set. Check out other important metrics and cost to find the ad that wins. Pause ads that remain and keep the ad running, including the best performing set of ads. You can increase a budget from 15 to 20% for a popular winning ad. Repeat this for each 24 hours. Note that Facebook brought a ‘learning phrase’ recently that starts off  as an ad begins, and lasts till time or action elaspses. Whether you see the learning phrase or not, give up to 24 hours for Facebook to enhance its campaign performance before changes. 

Deliver to the appropriate audience 

You can match the appropriate audience with ads for effective ad campaigns. So, if you don’t know how to define an audience you can start with initiatives like Facebook Audience Insights. Start by filling location and gender. Then include interest to get detailed information. Get to pages connected with purchases, activity and household income. You can save through power editor. 

Choose a proper placement for more outreach  

Select different platforms, devices and placements. You can use Edit Placements or Automatic Placements. You can use videos on Instagram, use Messenger ads and Audience Network Placements. 

Select the right bidding option and reuse old posts  

With each campaign, you can select from various options. Example when you operate a conversion campaign, you can select link clicks, landing page views and conversions. You can select Target Cost or Lowest Cost as a bidding option. Reusing old posts is a way to optimise the ads. This will enable you carry out different targeting options. Tap icon at the top right and choose the Facebook post with comments. Then copy the last numbers of the Facebook URL that loads on preview. Tap ‘Create a Facebook ad’ and select ‘Use Existing Post’. Input the Post ID by pasting the copied ID and tap ‘Submit’.