Broaden Your Target Audience with Influencer Marketing 

Thanks to the Internet, today we have several solutions have simplified the lives of many people. In fact, they have been so decisive that thanks to them, we have been able to get ahead even in the midst of global confinement.  

Companies have been able to stay in business and people have been able to continue doing their jobs online. One of the great advantages the Internet has represented for companies is has made possible a new form of marketing; where marketing has gained great relevance and among them influencer marketing. 

Influencer marketing, a safe investment

When a company decides to link its brand to an influencer through an advertising campaign; most of the time it does so with the purpose of finding a larger audience. The main objective is to raise awareness of their brand and thus capture a greater number of potential customers. 

Social networks are an excellent platform for promotion. Influencer marketing is usually very effective, precisely thanks to the different spaces available to reach different audiences from one channel. 

The effectiveness of this type of strategy has been proven on more than one occasion. An example of this is the Augure Report on the status of influencer marketing, where it was determined that 69% of respondents considered influencer marketing to be an effective or very effective strategy. 

On the other hand, this report also revealed the importance this type of marketing has gained among companies, stating many companies have allocated up to 20% of their budget to influencer marketing, with a strong tendency to increase the percentage of investment. 

Expand your audience effectively and in a short period of time

Companies must be very clear about their target audience and in that sense; identify among the influencer options the one or those who fit this profile and fit with the brand values. 

Once the influencer marketing service is activated either through an exchange or a specific contract; and the company has reached an agreement with the influencer on the best way to promote its products, the next step will be really easier. 

Talking about the product to their followers, the effects can begin to be seen immediately, which one of the most appreciated features of influencer is marketing, which is the immediacy with which results can be measured. The brand manages to be known within a larger community and without resorting to major efforts. 

Being by considered a “trustworthy person” the influencer will be able to motivate not only the interest in knowing the brand, but even provokes by faith; their followers will venture to live their own experience with the brand, whether the influencer has really had it or not because that will not be questioned. 

Influencers are considered opinion leaders, a kind of “new celebrities” who undoubtedly have a lot of persuasive power over their audience, so their opinion in favor or against can be decisive to subtract or add sales to a company. 

Therefore, influencer marketing is undoubtedly an effective way to expand the target of a company wants to promote its brand and position it among a larger audience.