Digital Marketing: The Importance of a Marketing Strategy 

Digital and social media marketing: which strategy to adopt?

Social media optimization (SMO) is an integral part of effective digital marketing. Understand by SMO the expanded field of searches via social networks, more and more in vogue with the use of hashtags for example.  

Among other things, social networks allow you to increase traffic to your site through the publication of regular posts on your activity.   

5 good reasons to develop a social media strategy for your company SaaS

In 10 years, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn… have become essential. They are also used by B2B professionals and SaaS (software as a service) publishers. 

What is the purpose of a social media strategy?

  • Increase the visibility of your SaaS B2B business: by publishing content regularly, you will increase your audience and the visibility of your business.  
  • Improve communication with customers: each post, like, share, private message used by internet users is a communication channel.  
  • Reduce marketing costs: Less expensive than an advertising campaign, a well-built social media strategy can be just as cost-effective.  
  • Deepen the knowledge of customers/prospects: the information collected allows to refine the knowledge of your personas and therefore of your offer.  
  • Generate trust and credibility: The presence of a SaaS company on social networks generates trust and implies an ability to respond and deal with problems effectively.  

Digital Marketing: What can I do about online public relations?

Public relations is an important strategy in the vast field of digital marketing. What are online PR? Their aim is to develop your company’s image on the Internet, namely its e-reputation.  

In fact, a PR campaign builds your credibility on the web: if the Internet talks about you through different channels, you stand out. Online communities and blogs are the main means to develop your public relations and share your company’s values.   

The affiliation strategy

The affiliation is a contract between a merchant site and partner sites affiliated to its program: concretely, this means that a partner site hosts affiliated content (banners, links, product catalogues) that will redirect the visitor to the merchant site. This marketing method increases traffic acquisition.   

What are its advantages?
  • Affiliation offers a win-win relationship: if you are the merchant site, you increase your traffic, while the partner site receives a commission on each click or sale from its site;  
  • Commissions are variable or fixed on sales or clicks generated.

Native advertising in your digital marketing strategy

Native advertising is a form of advertising that was created with or against the massive arrival of banner ads on the web. The idea is to produce an ad that doesn’t look like an ad.  

Integrated naturally into a media site, in the form of “brand content”, native advertising integrates with existing content and appears as an additional source of information.  

Native advertising can take a wide variety of forms:  

  • Sponsored business links that appear in search results;  
  • Sponsored posts: the sponsored content that is regularly seen on social networks; 
  • Recommendation widgets: disseminated on quality sites;  
  • Sponsored lists: on Google, Amazon, Etsy…;  
  • Feature articles or infographics: articles or infographics that highlight the company’s product or service in a more general context, published in the web press.  

Companies are increasingly appealing to the rise of adblockers and the promotion of content on the Internet.